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Mr Hyde Pre-Workout Review

Mr Hyde Intense Pre-Workout by Pro Supps is one of the strongest pre-workout supplements on the market.

There are a lot of Hyde Pre-Workout reviews around but this one will give you all the facts you need to know in order to make an informed buying decision on one of the best pre-workout supplements around.

We’re going to look at Mr Hyde’s good points and bad points and provide you with an unbiased review. So let’s get stuck into this Mr Hyde Pre-Workout Review!

Criteria for a Great Pre Workout

Most trainers want a pre-workout supplement that will deliver a physical and mental boost for their athletic performances.

Good pre-workout supplements give you better strength, endurance, and, of course, pumps.

Most pre-workout supplements have caffeine and other stimulants.

In fact, many pre-workouts have large amounts of stimulants and people can often get hooked on them or suffer side effects like crashes and irritability.

Many pre-workout supplements also have nitric oxide boosters and vitamins. Some pre-workouts are so harsh that they get banned. The ones still on the shelves often have loads of bad chemicals, which can hurt you as much as they can help you.

When looking for a pre-workout supplement, many people are starting to search for healthier alternatives and supplements that have few side effects. Others don’t care what is in the supplement as long as they get a huge boost on focus and massive pumps.

Mr Hyde Intense Pre-Workout falls closer to the second camp but is definitely one of the best options for people looking for a strong pre-workout supplement. Let’s take a look at exactly what is inside Mr Hyde!

Product Overview

Mr Hyde is a beast. There is no denying it. This supplement has a ridiculous 419mg of coffee.

To put that in perspective, an average cup of coffee has 40mg of caffeine, Mountain Dew has 55mg of caffeine, and Red Bull has 80mg of caffeine.

So it’s ten times stronger than coffee. That means unless you have an insanely high caffeine tolerance or you have never tried a pre-workout before, this supplement is not for you.

mr hyde review

​Mr Hyde also has a massive 2,500mg of beta alanine and 1,000mg of creatine.

Caffeine isn’t the only stimulant in Mr Hyde. There’s also octopamine HCI and dendrobium, which has stimulant effects similar to that of methamphetamines.

mr hyde ingredients

Mr Hyde is very reasonably priced, so it’s not a huge blow to your wallet if you want one of the strongest pre-workout supplements around.

Pro Supps also have a sibling supplement called, you guessed it, Dr Jekyll. Dr Jekyll is better for pumps, whilst Mr Hyde is better for stimulation. Some crazy people have suggested combining the two supplements together. I absolutely do not recommend doing that unless you want to give yourself a heart attack. Now let’s take a look at the good points and the bad points of Mr Hyde.


    • It's Effective: If you have a big stimulant tolerance and you've been through many of the other pre-workout supplements, you will find this supplement really effective.  It has a whopping big dose of caffeine along with many other stimulants, including one that delivers meth-like effects, so, if you can stand that amount of stimulation, you are going to crush it in the gum.  You will attack the weights like a beast and will probably set some new personal bests.​
    • Mr Hyde Tastes Delicious: Pro Supps really don't mess around when it comes to flavor. Mr Hyde comes in 5 different flavors and they all taste amazing. I particularly recommend the Cotton Candy and Mango Passion flavors.​
    • It Mixes Super Well: There are no clumps or bits. It mixes very easily with all of your favorite drinks or even just water. You don't even really need a blender or bottle for this supplement. Just give it a few stirs with a spoon and you're good to go.


    • Too Many Stimulants: The same thing that makes Mr Hyde really great is the thing that can also make it a nightmare. For most people, Mr Hyde contains too many stimulants! Unless you have an insane tolerance, you are probably going to feel cracked out, jittery, anxious, and then have a massive crash immediately after your workout (or half-way through) and want to sleep.
    • High Dose Of Creatine: As well as having high doses of other stimulants, Mr Hyde also has very high doses of creatine. Granted, it’s not the highest quality of creatine but it is still pushing it and will be way too much for most people. You have to make sure to drink a lot of water or you might experience stomach cramps and bloating.


To wrap up this Mr Hyde Pre-Workout review, I must say that you should be careful with this supplement. If a boatload of stimulants is your sort of thing, then you’re looking at a great pre-workout supplement. If you aren’t experienced with pre-workouts or don’t have a high tolerance for stimulants, I would personally recommend you leave this one on the shelf. All in all, if power and focus is what you’re after, this is a great supplement and can’t really be beat for stimulation. I hope this Mr Hyde Pre-Workout review has helped. Good luck and crush it in the gym!

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