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Meratrim Reviews – Does It Work?

Losing weight can be super hard. Even when we have our diet and exercise dialed in, we can spend weeks without making any more weight loss gains. I’ve been there. I’ve experienced it. It is so disheartening.

If you’re currently stalled at your fat loss goals, you’ve probably spent a good few hours researching supplements, fat burners, and diet pills in an effort to find something to help you through.

You’ve probably heard about Meratrim. But what is it? Is it safe? And is it effective? I’m going to answer these questions and more in this guide. Then we’ll take a look at some Meratrim reviews. Let’s get started!

What is Meratrim?

Meratrim is a diet pill comprised of a combination of extracts of two herbs: purple mangosteen (or Garcinia mangostana) and Sphaeranthus indicus (or East Indian thistle, (1). Meratrim has a 3:1 ratio of Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana.

Mangosteen (known as the Queen of Fruits) is a tropical fruit that is popular in Malaysia. It has a thick purple rind and a sweet citrus-like flavor. East Indian thistle has been used in Ayurvedic medicinal practices for hundreds of years (2). It grows in Sri Lanka, Africa, India, and Australia.

​Some researchers claim that Meratrim can make it harder for fat cells to multiply and also helps fat cells burn stored fat.  It can also decrease rthe amount of fat that fat cells pick up from the bloodstream (3).

​​Summary: ​​Meratrim is a blend of 2 herbs: Garcinia mangostana and Sphaeranthus indicus.  They have various positive effects on fat cell metabolism.

Is Meratrim safe?

No serious side effects have been reported by anyone taking Meratrim. People have also taken the two plants from which Meratrim is created for centuries. However, you must inspect the labels on all products.

Some sellers will advertise their product as Meratrim but actually have little of the product inside and lots of filler ingredients. If you have the real product, however, there should be nothing to worry about because Meratrim is all natural and filled with antioxidants.

​Does Meratrim work for weight loss?

Meratrim works well for fat loss by virtue of the two plant extracts contained in the supplement. Meratrim works by reducing the ability of fat cells multiplying, decreasing fat cells in the body, and assisting the body to burn stored fat as fuel.

There are scientific studies that show people who took Meratrim lost more weight than those who did not take Meratrim. The people who took Meratrim also improved their cholesterol levels.

One study, conducted over​ 8 weeks, showed that people taking Meratrim lost an average of 11.2 pounds and 3.9 inches off their waist. People not taking Meratrim lost only an average of 2.4 pounds and 1.5 inches off their waist.

The subjects followed a 2000 calories per day diet and walked 30 minutes 5 times per week (3).

The group who took meratrim also lost weight pretty quickly too.  They lost 4 pounds and 2 inches after 2 weeks of supplementation.  Their BMI and hip circumference was also greatly improved too.

Other health markers improved too: 

  • Total cholesteral went down in the meratrim group by compared to 11.5mg/dl in the placebo group.
  • Fasting flucose decreased by 13.4 mg/dl compared to ​7mg/dl in the placebo group.
  • Trigylcerides decreased by 68.1mg/dl compared to 40.8 in the ​placebo group.

​These results are extremely promising.

​Bottom Line: ​​Meratrim has been shown to effective in promoting significant weight loss as well as improving other health markers.

Meratrim Side Effects

Meratrim doesn’t have any reported serious side effects. The two plants it is made from a very benign. But you might get a couple of side effects if you are unlucky. Potential side effects, as reported in Meratrim reviews, include:

  • Mild stomach pain
  • Mild nausea

Remember to consult your doctor before taking Meratrim, just as you would with any new supplement. This is particularly important if you have any medical conditions, are taking any prescribed medications, or are pregnant or breastfeeding,

Meratrim Dosage

Meratrim dosages will differ from brand to brand. Always follow the instructions on the label and remember that less is more when starting out. It’s always good practice to start with the minimal dose so you can see how your body will react. In general, a Meratrim dosage is a serving of 400mg twice a day and 30 minutes prior to breakfast and dinner.

Pros of Meratrim

  • Meratrim is effective as a weight loss pill for a lot of people. One of the Re-body Meratrim reviews notes that this will definitely work if you exercise and that it also curbs your appetite too.
  • Meratrim is not too pricey at an average price.
  • Meratrim is great at getting rid of cravings.
  • Meratrim helps to give you a boost in energy. One of the Re-body Meratrim reviews notes that they have gained a lot of energy from using the supplement.

Cons of Meratrim

  • Meratrim doesn’t work for some people. Obviously it depends on individual differences and you have to make sure you are exercising and dieting (it’s not a magic pill like some people think) but the fact remains that many Meratrim reviews express dissatisfaction. One reviewer said, “I have been using this product for two months now and I have not noticed any changes".
  • Some people experience side effects or even experience the opposite of what it should do (hunger instead of appetite suppression). One reviewer said they experienced “increased frequency and softness of smaller bowel movements and increased hunger while taking this product as advised while maintaining diet and exercise regimen”.

​Should You Try It?​​​​

If you've tried losing weight then you probably have already tried a few diets or exercise programs before finding this review.

Although meratrim could be considered a short term solution, it may very well be the additional boost you need to kick start your weight loss journey properly.  

The results of the study mentioned above are promising and although over only 8 weeks, this for many people, would be a great start to losing weight.

Of course though, long term, you need to change eating habits and introduce regular exercise to maintain the weight you do lose.

​Meratrim might work really well for you or it might not work at all. The best way to find out is to experiment. It’s not too pricey and it’s natural, healthy, and has very few side effects so, if you’re struggling to lose weight, you’ve got nothing to lose.


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