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The Sleeping Beauty Diet

Fad diets are everywhere with some more crazy than others. Some Fads can actually turn out to be ​okay to follow, while others are dangerous and worthless when it comes to weight loss. Below ​we take a look at the Sleeping Beauty Diet – a diet all about getting your Beauty Sleep.

What Is The Sleeping Beauty Diet?

The Sleeping Beauty Diet isn’t a diet focused on food (just like the Shangri La Diet). Instead it is a diet focused on sleep. The general idea is that you need to sleep and you need to do it a lot. While sleeping you can’t eat and thus you avoid too many calories and can limit yourself more. Whenever you want to eat – go to sleep instead!

Where Did It Come From?

The Sleeping Beauty diet arose from Jacqueline Susann’s best selling novel “Valley of the Dolls” (1966).  Elvis Presley was also a fan of the diet which also helped popularize it.

valley of the dolls

​How Is It Implemented?

The Sleeping Beauty Diet has 2 ways of being implemented.

Just try to sleep as much as possible. Instead of eating just go to bed and try to sleep.

The problem with this is that if you feel hungry it can be very hard to go to sleep. Your sleep can also be quite disrupted.

The other way to implement the diet is to use sedatives to help you sleep longer.

This of course is dangerous for many reasons. You may become reliant on sedatives or even overdo them. You may also be damaging your brain.

The Problem With The Sleeping Beauty Diet

The Sleeping Beauty Diet, on its surface, seems quite harmless.; When ou hear itrs name you think of the film The Sleeping Beauty and see a beautiful Princess sleeping peacefully.

For many, The Sleep Beauty Diet would probably provide the sleep they have been missing out on. A lot of people are sleep deprived and they could do with those extra winks. However they are a good few issues with the diet itself.

First of all Logic

The Diet’s premise is that if you sleep you can’t eat. It also implies that if you are asleep you won’t be hungry. So by default of additional sleep you will eat less and lose weight.

Unfortunately, if you have ever tried to go to sleep and have a restful sleep while being hungry – you will know how hard it can be. I’ve even gotten up in the night to just have a small snack to settle my stomach until morning.


In order to get around this people have chosen to take powerful sedatives to knock them out enough to be able to sleep for longer while hungry. Sedatives can be addictive and can give you an arguably worse problem than the extra weight you want to lose.

Sedatives also put you at risk of overdosing too. It is also unclear where you would get the sedatives from as most Doctors would NOT give you sedatives in order to sleep more to lose weight. They would consider it ridiculous.

Social Fail​

Lastly what are the social implications for this diet? If you are sleeping all the time when will you have time to see friends and run a normal life. Other diets have the problem of what to eat when around friends and family, while this one just takes you away from them.

​The Pros & Cons


  • Likely to catch up on sleep you may have been missing out of
  • Body is forced to burn calories you are storing


  • Difficult to sleep when hungry
  • Dangerous to use sedatives
  • Difficult to get hold of sedatives
  • May interfere with social life negatively
  • Involves no exercise

Wrapping Up

The Sleeping Beauty Diet is definitely a fad diet that truly lives up to the name FAD. This diet definitely screams ridiculous and so if you were considering it, it’s probably best you forget about it and look at some healthier alternatives to get you to the desire body weight you want. We have a range of information on the site about healthy eating to help.

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