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Glutamine vs Creatine

Glutamine and creatine are two supplements that people consume for workouts. They are most commonly used to aid muscle recovery and energy in athletes. However, both substances are very different. So, why is supplementation required, and how are they used?What Is Creatine?Creatine is a chemical produced from amino acids in your body, as well as being […]

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Best Taurine Supplement

Amino acids are essential for a healthy functioning body and thus there is a booming market for each one separately as well as together. One of those amino acids is taurine – an amino acid that is usually supplemented by athletes and body builders to enhance physical performance. Taurine is also found in energy drinks […]

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BCAA vs Glutamine

BCAA and Glutamine are two supplements that many consumers use for a number of reasons. However, they are most commonly used for boosting performance and recovery in athletes. So, why is supplementation required, and what is the difference between the two substances?What Is BCAA?BCAA refers to branch chain amino acids. These are not made by […]

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L Glutamine and Leaky Gut

Glutamine is an amino acid found naturally within the body. In fact, it’s the most common amino acid. Amino acids have a fundamental role in cell structure, organ function and the transport of nutrients. Glutamine has a variety of health benefits, including helping a leaky gut. So, how does glutamine aid the gut and what […]

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Best Glutamine Supplement

Choosing the best glutamine supplement can be a challenge as there are a vast amount of products on the market. Naturally, you want to find the finest supplement for your requirements and the one that’s going to provide optimum effects for your body. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found within the body and […]

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