Beta Alanine for Runners – My 90 Day Trial

beta alanine for runners steeped in water

​Beta Alanine has played a prominent  role in the world of fitness for some time and remained a feature of pre workout supplements, along with creatine and l-citrulline.  It is known for its beneficial effects on endurance, strength and recovery.  I first came across beta alanine while researching another article and it’s ability to help you … Read more

Can Beetroot Juice Improve Athletic Performance?

Beetroot is a tasty root vegetable that is full of nutritional benefits.  There is lots of information on the health benefits of drinking beetroot juice, but one area worthy of further discussion is how beetroot juice affects athletic performance. Anyone who takes part in sport likes to improve their performance, whether you are an athlete on … Read more

Best Tasting Chocolate Protein Powder 2018

Chocolate is one of the most standard protein powder flavors on the face of the planet. Practically every brand has their version of chocolate. But with chocolate being such a popular flavor, why is it so easy to screw up? I have tried over a hundred different protein powders and some of the worst tasting ones … Read more

Muscle Pharm Z-Core PM Review

Muscle Pharm Z-Core PM is one of the best ZMA supplements on the market. ZMA supplements are super popular with bodybuilders, weightlifters, and anyone looking to get an edge with a supplement that increases their testosterone, recovery, and muscle building. ZMA supplements contain zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 and work best when taken before bed. After … Read more

Best Mct Oil – 2018 Mct Oil Reviews

MCT oil is all the rage these days. Especially with things like Bulletproof Coffee. I feel quite proud to have been there at the beginning of this wonder-supplement’s surge in popularity.   MCT is oil from medium chain triglycerides, which is found in foods like coconut oil. Why would you want such a supplement? Because…it delivers … Read more

Best Pre-Workout For Running 2018

When searching for the best pre-workout for running, there are a couple of specific things you need to keep in mind. Shopping for the best running pre-workout is quite different from shopping for any normal pre-workout supplement. Most trainers who are looking for a pre-workout are usually interested in helping their gym performance in regards to … Read more

Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal – Did FCLO kill these 2 Gurus?

The heathcare industry has never been a stranger to scandal. Ever since the infamous thalidomide incidents of the late 1950s and early 1960s1, giant pharmaceutical corporations have suffered at the hands of legal complications; sanofi-aventis saw Acomplia (aka Rimonabant), billed as a wonder drug that could ‘cure’ obesity, pulled from sale thanks to side effects of … Read more