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Recovery is often overlooked or not taken as seriously as other aspects of a workout routine. Your post workout routine is extremely important though and if you do not take the appropriate actions to recover you may find yourself flagging or not making progress in the long run.

In this section we take a look at different recovery techniques as well as when the best time is to recovery and what you can do to improve your recovery. Whether you are recovering from a hard workout at the gym or recovering from a race you have just completed, we have all the information you need to get the right post workout routine and the best post workout nutrition.

Take a look at your options on how you can improve recovery and get the most out of your downtime without compromising your next workout.

Recovery is all about managing inflammation and sometimes you just need to listen to your body! The best way to listen to your body is to first understand the impact inflammation has on your workout so you can appreciate your rest time and thus give it more importance. As well as understanding it’s impact it is also important to understand why you need it too.

So whether you are looking for guidance on a good recovery drink or whether you just want to know what is the best thing to do for a post workout routine or whether you have aches that are lasting a bit longer than you would like – we have you covered.