Juicing for Detox – 5 Simple Juice Recipes

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Detoxing, for so long a temporary desperation measure engaged upon in January by people worried that they over-indulged during the Holiday season, is now an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. Reasons to engage in a full detox include rapid weight loss and improvements to physical appearance such as the skin, slowing the physical and mental effects of … Read more

5 Easy Sweet Potato Juicing Recipes

The humble sweet potato – who would have thought that juicing these somewhat ugly, gnarled tubers could bring so much flavor and nutrition to your diet? We are used to seeing sweet potatoes in soups, or baked, made into fries or mashed as part of a savory meal, but they are absolutely amazing when incorporated into … Read more

Juicing for Diabetics – Is Juicing Safe for Diabetics?

Juice diets and juice fasts are becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for anybody looking to shed unwanted pounds, cleanse your body and generally add to your health. Couple this with the fact that anybody following a Diabetic diet will also be heavily focusing their intake on low-glycemic fruits and vegetables and, in theory, you have … Read more

What Do Food Cravings Mean?

Food Craving meanings

Almost everyone craves certain foodstuffs in their lives, whether you are a healthy and varied eater, pescatarian, carnivore, vegetarian, vegan or just plain pregnant! Just that craving and strong urge for a certain type of food can put you into the situation of driving miles to get a cupcake and coffee that you love, or chowing … Read more

Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

is coconut oil healthy

Coconut oil has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the healthier products on the market, packed with enough ‘good’ cholesterol to enchant anybody, a fine addition to any weight loss diet plan and the perfect addition to any Paleo-centric kitchen. Contrary opinions have occasionally been aired, however, and the American Heart Association have taken … Read more

Is Chocolate Healthy?

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As people, we endure a complicated relationship with chocolate. Leaving aside the fact that it’s an undeniable treat for the tastebuds, a typical bar is also loaded with chemicals that flood our brains with feel-good chemicals. Claims that chocolate can actually be healthy are becoming increasingly commonplace. Is this actually true, or once again, are branding whizzes attempting to blind us into jeopardizing our health in the name of profit? Let’s take a look at the evidence.