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vega one reviews

With a growing number of the population turning towards Veganism, the world of fitness has grown to accommodate those following a plant-based diet. Companies selling fitness merchandise have begun manufacturing Vegan-friendly supplements in order to keep up with demand. Arguably the most popular supplement in the fitness industry, protein powder has come on leaps and bounds, with many manufactures now producing smooth-tasting, protein-packed powders that rival some of the best milkshakes. But where do Vegan protein powders fit in amongst these creamy, whey-laden supplements?

Voted one of the highest deliverers of taste and nutritional content is a Vegan blend of protein powder produced by Vega.

In this article, we will review their French Vanilla protein powder, assessing factors such as ingredients, nutrition, taste and consistency, and see how they fare in the face of leading competitors.

​What Makes A Good Protein Powder?

vega one all in one chocolate protein powder

Amount of Protein

Protein per serving is important for a powder that promises this key macronutrient. Despite a lot of misinformation on the internet today, plant-based proteins are just as successful as non-vegan blends at providing a high amount of protein per serving. They have also been proven to contain the same amino acids as whey protein (a brown rice and pea protein blend) and aid in muscle growth and recovery without all the over-processing and added ingredients.

Taste and Consistency

Whilst the amount of protein per serving provided by a blend is important, it is not the only criteria by which a protein powder should be assessed. Other important factors include the taste and consistency of the powder. Whilst many people may choose to mix their protein powder with a plant-based milk, a popular alternative is water, which may not mask a bland taste or gritty consistency as successfully as a creamier counterpart.


Ingredients may be of importance for those looking for a vegan protein powder as the inclusion of soy, certain additives and gums such as guar may cause problems with digestion. Paired with this, nutritional information is also a key factor in whether or not a protein powder is worth your money.

Vegan protein blends tend to have a beneficial amount of fibre per serving, largely due to their derivation from plant protein sources, which ensures for a healthy, flatulence-free digestion.

For those tracking macros, carbohydrates and sugars per serving are also of importance; synthesised sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame should be avoided as, amongst more serious health side effects, they disturb the levels good bacteria in the gut and cause pH imbalances. Whilst veganism is certainly a healthier way of life, be careful to watch out for these ingredients that can still be added to vegan products.

Whilst catering for the vegan consumer has improved drastically over the past decade, many people are still not satisfied with vegan fitness products, particularly protein powder. The most common complaints involve the taste of protein powders, particularly the inability to mask the ‘natural’ taste of plant-based blends, and the texture when mixed with milk and water. Whilst these are becoming less of an issue, a protein blend with an amazing taste and palatable consistency will be a key area of criteria in this review.

​About Vega And Their Products

vega one all in one nutritional shake

Vega is a company that prides itself on producing healthy, plant-based protein. Whilst they offer a range of different products, the one we will be focusing on in this article is the All-In-One protein powder, which delivers twenty grams of protein per serving, six grams of fibre, and is packed with nutritious ingredients such as spirulina, marine algae and kale. It’s green appearance, whilst surprising at first, highlights the quality and array of organic superfoods that make up the powder.

Vega also pride themselves on sustainable methods of production and packaging, something they seem very passionate about. Whilst their products are at the pricier end of vegan supplements available on the market, their company ethos and dedication towards providing only the best ingredients make their products worthy of purchasing. One of their most popular products is one we will be reviewing in this article: their All-In-One Plant Based Protein Powder.

The ingredients and nutritional breakdown of this protein powder couldn’t get much better. The blend is gluten-free and soy-free so caters for a chunk of the vegan community that unable to buy other vegan proteins. The contents are also non-GMO, with all the ingredients within the powder occurring naturally. The powder boasts an impressive twenty grams of protein per serving, six grams of fibre and copious amounts of vitamins and minerals from its ingredients.

Let’s look at a breakdown of ingredients. Below are some summary points about the protein powder and what it contains.

  • 20 grams plant-based protein
  • Veggies and greens
  • 50% DV of 12 vitamins and minerals
  • Probiotics (1 billion CFUs bacillus coagulans)
  • 1.5 grams Omega-3 ALA
  • 6 grams fiber
  • Antioxidants vitamins A, C and E
  • No sugar added

As previously stated, the twenty grams of protein that Vega protein powder contains is plant-based and consists of a mix of pea protein and hemp protein. The powder itself is high in nutritional content; it provides 50% of daily requirements of twelve vitamins and minerals, omega-3, antioxidants and probiotics. There are few other vegan blends that contain such a concoction of nutritious, superfood ingredients. The mix is also sweetened with Stevia leaf extract, a naturally occurring sugar that acts in much the same way as fruit sugar, making it far easier to digest without the adverse health effects that many other sweeteners cause.

Ingredients such as spirulina powder and maca powder are packed with amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. You can buy them from many health food stores but they alone will burn a hole in your pocket, so having them already added into a protein powder not only is great in terms of health and nutrition, but also convenience. Other superfoods such as flaxseed, which contains essential fatty acids and omega-3, and acai also reap health benefits with some evidence they may help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. In one serving, the powder provides many different vitamins and minerals, including B12, which is a vitamin that can be easily under-consumed on a vegan diet. The protein provides a whopping ninety percent of Vitamin A, seventy percent of Vitamin C and between fifty and sixty percent for most of its other vitamins and minerals, highlighting the quality of the product and its ingredients.

In terms of nutritional breakdown, aside from protein per serving, the powder has only five grams of fat per serving, one gram of which is saturated, and only thirteen grams of carbohydrates, making the macro-nutrient ratio on this blend extremely good for those looking to gain muscle and shed fat. In terms of the macro-nutrient ratio it is on par with other leading protein powders but it is the added nutritional content that pushes it past its competitors. Not many other protein powders can boast such a list of ingredients whilst maintaining a desirable protein-fat-carbohydrate ratio at only one hundred and sixty calories per serving.

It is clear that this brand of protein powder is not just concerned with delivering a high protein blend, as can be seen with some other manufacturers. The ingredients that have gone into this protein powder are of the highest quality and have many health benefits that will undoubtedly be felt.

​Which Flavor Of Vega One Is Best?

vega one all in one berry protein

Vega’s All-In-One protein powder is sold in seven different flavors: Chocolate, Berry, Natural, Vanilla Chai, French Vanilla, Coconut Almond and Mocha. Depending on personal preference, you may be intrigued by a particular flavor. Natural is often recommended for those who have flavor drops to add to their shakes. It has a subtle vanilla flavor, however, so if you are not so keen on sweetness and find it over-powering, then the natural flavour is probably the most suitable. Berry provides a more refreshing boost than the other flavors, which tend to be richer and sweeter.

The most popular flavors based on reviews are French Vanilla, Vanilla Chai and Chocolate, perhaps because they tend to be more versatile in that they can be used in desserts such as mousses. So, if you’re one of those people that chooses sweet over savory and can’t quite stay away from the treats, a flavor such as Chocolate or Mocha might be best for you.

However, all the flavours have very good vega one reviews, with many people commenting on the ‘realness’ of their taste so, when it comes to flavour, it tends to come down to personal preference.

​Can Vega One Help With Weight Loss?

vega one and weight loss

Most people experience weight loss on a plant-based diet, although the amount of weight loss varies. Protein itself can help to aid weight loss as it is slow digesting and makes you feel fuller for longer. Packed with twenty grams of protein per serving, Vega One can certainly be used in conjunction with a healthy, calorie-controlled diet in order to lose weight.

The absence of animal-derived products also gives Vega One an upper hand compared to non-vegan protein powders as it is far less processed and contains only naturally-occurring ingredients, ensuring for a much better, problem-free digestion. Vega One’s protein powder is also low-glycemic, meaning blood sugar levels are kept steady and your body may even be able to metabolise fat more efficiently.

​What Are The Pros Of Vega All-In-One?


The biggest pro of this product is definitely the ingredients and macro-nutrient breakdown. After all, most people are buying protein powders because they want to up their protein intake without hiking up the calories, fat or carbohydrates. Whilst the macro-nutrient breakdown of this product is a strong-point, it goes above and beyond with the quality and array of superfood ingredients it contains. Not only will it help with muscle growth and recovery, but it will aid digestion and your overall health.


The flavours are also a massive pro of this product. All flavours are very popular and have been praised in reviews for their lack of synthetic taste and sweetness most likely due to the absence of artificial sweeteners. The blend also mixes well with both water and plant-based milks, and does not have the gritty taste that is often attributed to other vegan protein powders.

Value For Money​

Whilst the protein powder is expensive, the value for money in terms of its ingredients and health benefits means that this doesn’t quite make it a con. After all, you get what you pay for. Furthermore, the company’s ethos and sustainability mean that the few extra dollars are worth the investment.

Gluten Free​

Finally, the protein is gluten-free and soy-free, which can only be a good thing for those with intolerances as it can sometimes be difficult to find protein powders that can promise both of these things.

Whilst this protein powder does tick a lot of boxes, it also draws short in a few areas.

​What Are The Cons Of Vega One?


Whilst the natural flavour may be less sweet, if you don’t like sweet supplements than you may have to continue your search for the perfect protein powder. Stevia is much sweeter than ordinary sugar and, whilst this means less is needed, the powder itself and its after-taste are very sweet, and for some this is too sickly. Depending on your preference for sweet foods, you may want to look elsewhere. Having said this, however, there are not many plant-based protein powders on the market that do not use some sort of sweetener, as this is how they maintain a taste that is not bland or unpalatable.

See How You React​

Some people have also suggested that a small amount be tested before you glug down a glass as the protein mix has not agreed with their stomachs. Whilst only a few people have complained about this – and all foods will make someone ill, it may be best to see how you react to this protein powder before you commit to a larger amount.

Careful What You Mix With

You also have to be careful what you mix it with, as this protein powder does not blend well with ice, as it forms a slush. However, as most people mix it simply with a plant-based milk or water, this is only a con if we’re being really picky.


If Vega One isn’t the protein for you, but you care about the ingredients and nutritional value of your protein powder, then Sun Warrior’s range is a good alternative. At around the same price, it too is a great tasting range with organic ingredients. However, if macro-nutrients are your main concern, and taste is not so much of an issue, then a protein powder such as the Vegan Blend from MyProtein is also a good choice.


Vega One’s All-In-One protein powder meets a lot of criteria when it comes to macro-nutrients, ingredients, taste and consistency. Whilst it is one of the more expensive vegan protein powders out there, if you care about what you’re putting into your body, then this protein powder is worth the money. Hopefully this vega one all in one nutritional shake review has helped make you an informed decision about its worth.

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