Top 51 Diabetes Blogs For Lifestyle Tips 2017

top diabetes blog

If you’re looking for practical, insightful and up-to-date information on diabetes, then this list is exactly what you need. There’s a wealth of great quality blogs about diabetes online, but we have picked the top 51 to give you a great list of informative material. Whether you’re a long time diabetic, newly diagnosed, or even a parent or carer of someone with diabetes – these blogs will give you insightful, helpful and practical information to help you live a smooth and fulfilling life while living with diabetes.

the fit blog

An off-shoot of the Mediavine Publisher Network, The Fit Blog has been created by Christel and Tobias Oerum, a husband-and-wife team of personal trainers living with Type 1 Diabetes. Packed with recipes and meal plans, informative articles on nutrition, guest blogs from physically active Diabetics and motivational workout videos, The Fit Blog will give your cardiology a boost and add flavor to your diet, all while inspiring you to live a full and action-packed life.

This guest post, which discusses how those diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetics can combat those fabled scourges of the chilly months, winter colds, could prove invaluable to any number of readers based in snowier climes. Battling a common cold whilst also attempting to manage your Diabetes can be a challenge, and guest blogger Eva Kapp advises on managing such unfortunate circumstances in entertaining detail.

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shelby kinnaird of diabetic foodie

Diabetic Foodie

The Diabetic Foodie, Shelby Kinnaird to her friends, is a popular food blogger with the philosophy that "a Diabetes diagnosis is not a dietary death sentence" - and as someone that lives with Type 2 of the disorder, she would know.

The Diabetic Foodie website is divided into three main headings - kitchen tips, such as how to do with leftovers and making Diabetes-friendly stock sauces, snacks and recipes for Diabetics with particular dietary requirements such as Paleo, and lots and lots of recipes. No matter what your taste buds crave, you'll be hard-pushed not to find a range of delicious and interesting meals on Ms. Kinnaird's recipe index that will please Diabetics and their families alike.

The Diabetes Foodie is also refreshing in its approach to treating Diabetic Vegans with the appropriate attention - there are a number of recipes and meal plans available to cater for this unique dietary dilemma.

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stevie couch

A Cornish Mum

Stephanie Couch is a mother-of-two, who blogs from the sleepy rural English county of Cornwall. This site is a little different as Ms. Couch is not Diabetic herself, but instead blogs from the perspective of mothering a son with Type 1 of the condition. The site blends thoughtful lifestyle views and reviews alongside tips on entertaining children with family days out with, as you have probably guessed, thoughts on the Diabetic lifestyle in young people, and parenting tips.

These two mission statements collide most notably with the Meet the Parents stream of articles. Comprising of interviews with parents of children living with Type 1 Diabetes, this is an invaluable source of information and support for anybody struggling to understand their child's diagnosis. And if you need cheering up, there is a plentiful supply of photographs of the beautiful Cornish landscape to feast your eyes upon throughout the blog.

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grainne flynn

Blood Sugar Trampoline

Gráinne Flynn has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for almost 25 years now, which makes this Irish blogger an authority on the subject. Thankfully she is willing to share this knowledge via her blog, a candid and honest look at living with the condition while also maintaining a full and busy life.

This blog is hugely informative and highly recommended to non-Diabetics who may be seeking an insight into how the condition affects their loved ones - Ms. Flynn does not pull any punches, describing Type 1 Diabetics as "like being on a trampoline, except you can never get off. It doesn't take long for us to get tired of all that bouncing."

A campaigner for awareness surrounding the condition and firm believer in giving and receiving support to and from fellow Diabetics, this post is an eye-opening look at the flippancy that sometimes surrounds serious medical matters on social media.

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test guess and go

Test Guess And Go

Laddie Lindahl is a blogger from Minnesota who is keen to take the guesswork out of Type 1 Diabetes. This blog largely consists of very in-depth reviews of all kinds of blood sugar testing kits available on the market today, alongside think pieces and opinion blogs, and an interesting project named Conversations, which compares the experience of living with Type 1 Diabetes with that of a Type 2 diagnosis. Transcriptions of these chats can be found online, and make for interesting reading.

One of the most interesting elements of Ms. Lindahl's blog is that, as a lady of slightly more advanced years than some of the blogosphere, she has been chronicling her journey toward signing up for Medicare. With healthcare in the States such a hot topic of conversation and debate, these monthly updates provide fascinating insights for anybody who may be facing a similar odyssey in the near future.

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renza from diabetogenic


Renza Scibilia is a Type 1 Diabetic living in Melbourne, Australia. Diabetogenic chronicles her experiences in living with the condition in an enjoyable and witty tone, focusing more on lifestyle than any scientific element - Ms. Scibilia is at pains to point out that she is not a healthcare professional, but she remains a very active member of the community and congress speaker, both online and off. Many fellow Diabetics will no doubt find themselves nodding along at some of these slice-of-life anecdotes and stories, thinking, "hey, that happened to me too!"

One of the most interesting elements of Diabetogenic is the re-print of a pregnancy diary, written while Ms. Scibilia was awaiting the arrival of her now teenaged daughter. This element of the site will educate and entertain any Diabetic parents and parents-to-be, as well as providing a unique insight into life as a pregnant Diabetic.

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daniele hargenrader

Diabetes Dominator

Diabetes Dominator may be an aggressive-sound moniker for a blog, but don't be alarmed - Daniele Hargenrader will make you feel the burn, but it's done from a place of love. Ms. Hargenrader is personal fitness coach, bestselling author and popular public speaker, in addition to being a Type 1 Diabetic since the age of nine.

Ms. Hargenrader speaks candidly about her past struggles with the condition, including significant weight gain as a younger woman, and this blog is loaded with informative video courses on exercise and diet that will ensure that you control your Diabets, not the other way around.

The Total Health Transformation Academy course is possibly the jewel in the Diabetes Dominator crown, but the site is packed with information and free video and eBook tasters. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list, and check out some of these life-changing suggestions for yourself.

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diabetes sisters

Diabetes Sisters

Founded by Brandy Barnes in 2008, DiabetesSisters is a one-stop site for all matters relating to being a Diabetic woman in the modern world. This is one of the most comprehensive sites on the web, filled with nutritional advice, guest blogs that describe the Type 1 and 2 Diabetes experience, webinars and a curated library of complementary eBooks available for download. Perhaps best of all, however, DiabetesSisters is firmly community-focused, allowing women living with any variation of this condition to sign up for an online forum and attend meet-ups in their local area.

The Expert Advice columns of the website are particularly informative, with insight into legal, medical and personal ramifications of Diabetes, and the forums are definitely worth​ signing up for; peer-to-peer support can be invaluable for anyone with questions surrounding their diagnosis, or that of a loved one, and the DiabetesSisters community is always happy to help.

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meri schmacher

Our Diabetic Life

Meri is a Californian wife and mother of four. This blog revolves around her life in raising these children - three of which are living with Type 1 Diabetes. Alas, tragedy has also inflicted this blogger's life, as she lost her husband. As a result, this blog is a testament to the strength of the human condition.

An example of this strength can be found on this post, The Avalanche. Designed to reassure struggling parents of Diabetics that they are not alone in their plight, this is emotional reading and could be hugely beneficial to anybody battling through personal strife in addition to the demands of Diabetes.

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kelly kunik


The brainchild of humorist and genetic Type 1 Diabetic Kelly Kunik, takes a sideways look at the world of Diabetes diagnosis through a prism of wit. Ms. Kunik has been published in a number of journals, sits on an advisory board for pharmaceutical giant Roche, makes regular interview appearances on radio, and still manages to find time to update her blog.

Humor can be a valuable defense mechanism for anybody living with a chronic condition, and Diabetesaliciousness has this in spades. This post, dubbed Flick Your Diabetes Wit Switch, provides inspiration for sharp-tongued comebacks to use when well-meaning friends or strangers cause offence by prying into your medical status. Amusing and entertaining though Ms. Kunik's turn of phrase is, however, there is plenty of serious discussion to be found on this blog too, making it recommended reading for anybody - Diabetic or not.

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stick with it sugar

Stick With It Sugar

A blog from a mom of three Diabetic children, Stick with it Sugar comes with a very potent and important core message - it doesn't get easier, but you get better.

You won't find recipes or reviews on this site, though there are no shortage of those if you point your web browser elsewhere. Instead, you'll find motivational and inspirational mantras that will make any parent of Diabetic children feel as though they are not alone (Christina, the author of this blog, has no history of Diabetes in her family despite all three of her children being diagnosed with the disorder), and a series of compelling, emotional and well-written blog posts.

Arguably the most important of which is A Community United, which pleads for tolerance and understanding throughout the Diabetes community, regardless of age, gender or Type.

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riva greenberg

Diabetes Stories

Riva Greenberg has been living with Diabetes for almost five decades, so when she has something to say about the condition it is worth listening. The good news is that Ms. Greenberg has no shortage of things to say, as an award-winning lecturer on the subject of Flourishing with Diabetes.

Diabetes Stories combines informative, detailed news and information with personal insights and, as the moniker suggests, stories collated from a variety of other Diabetes patients. One of the most long-established Diabetes blogs on the web, this site has an archive of posts that stretch back to over a decade, neatly divided into a number of different categories.

A sense of humor is essential when dealing with Diabetes, and Ms. Greenberg provides that on her blog. This post, which adapts the fabled 19th century poem A Visit from St. Nicholas with a Diabetic twist that will raise a knowing smile from many who read it.

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below seven

Below Seven

Kelley is a traveller, wife, mother, keep-fit enthusiast, photographer... and Type 1 Diabetic. This blog revolves around and records her intentions to keep her A1C to her personal comfort zone, below 7.

Kelly blogs on various subjects, including the impact of her Diabetes throughout her pregnancy, the fluctuations in her blood sugar brought on her hobby of running, and the usual selection of personal insights and regular think piece updates.

Motherhood plays a key role in Kelley's blogging, and this post on breastfeeding and weaning whilst Diabetic may be interesting to many readers. Combining parenting observations and tips with the realities of the changes the human body goes through in the aftermath childbirth, all in a pleasant and easy-to-read tone, Below Seven is well worth a bookmark.

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miss jen grieves

Miss Jen Grieves

Jen Grieves has been a Type 1 Diabetic since she was eight years old. Interestingly, she is also a minor celebrity in her home country of England, having formerly worked as a broadcaster and now acting as a producer for BBC radio and television.

Describing herself as "young, fun and Type 1", Miss Grieves uses her experience and skill set to write and video blog engaging, entertaining interactions for her readership. The site isn't as updated as often as it used to be - an understandable consequence of living such a busy life in the entertainment industry - but we defy you to watch and read messages such as There is Always Hope and not feel moved.

With categories of the site including Food, Adventures, Fitness and Wellbeing, Jen Grieves is hugely endearing company, and somebody that will make you feel altogether better about sharing this condition.

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the perfect d

The Perfect D

The key to a good blog is the ability to educate and entertain in equal measure and Christel, the author of The Perfect D, has both of these qualities in absolute spades.

A Floridian Type 1 Diabetic wife, mother and columnist, Christel hosted the first ever podcast on this subject, Diabetic Feed, and continues to sit on various boards and committees - no wonder she doesn't have time to blog as often these days. Thankfully she had such a delightful tone that it makes the waiting between updates worthwhile.

As amusing as Christel is, however, she is no clown - as posts such as Dear JDCA show. This blog is the work of an intelligent and compelling writer with plenty to say about the condition of Diabetes that blends whimsy with political standpoints, medical information and advocacy for the Diabetic cause.

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stephen from happymedium

Happy Medium

Happy Medium is the work of Stephen, a comparatively rare male member of the Diabetes blogosphere. It's a dense and fact-based corner of the internet, wasting little time on frills and getting straight on with the business of discussing the delicate balancing act of Diabetic highs and lows.

Stephen has been blogging on matters of Type 1 Diabetes for over five years now and thus has a lengthy list of backdated material for any reader to dive into. The majority of the content on the site is informational but there are anecdotes and personal perspectives to be found too.

One of the most compelling articles on the site must be Nobody Ever Died from Obamacare, an impassioned argument against Congress' proposed repeal and replace legislation from the perspective of a Diabetic.

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Type 1 Bri

It can be hard to always see the sunny side of living with Type 1 Diabetes, and this blog from British blogger Type 1 Bri doesn't sugarcoat this fact. This is an open and informative website that provides insight into all sides of this complicated condition.

Bri blends a number of reviews of equipment used by the typical Diabetic (though, as always, he is at pains to point out that he is a consumer as opposed to a medical professional), an extremely helpful selection of articles that will assist a newly-diagnosed Diabetic understand the changes they may undergo, a list of (largely London-centric) meet-ups for the Diabetic community, and a number of blog posts that discuss both the condition and the lifestyle it can entail.

This Thank You Letter to Diabetes is particularly fascinating and engaging, and explains just why this blogger is such an important voice in the Diabetic blogosphere.

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melinda from twice diabetes

Twice Diabetes

Twice Diabetes promises the reader premium content revolving around "what the doctors don't tell you". The site contains low-carb recipes and a handy guide to eating out, a regular column entitled "Dear Doctors" in which the site's writers vent their spleens about their frustrations with the medical advice and treatment they receive, and the usual regularly updated blog posts.

Diabetes in the Social Media Age is one of the more interesting examples of the latter.

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type 1 diabetes warrior megan

Type 1 Diabetic Warrior

Megan Druien describes herself as a Type 1 Diabetes Warrior, and this site certainly takes no prisoners in her quest to create delicious Diabetes-friendly recipes on her Pinterest account.

Elsewhere, this blog largely extols the virtues of Dexcom, of which Ms. Druien is a user. As a busy wife and mom there are no shortages of demands on this blogger's time, and she explains just how much Dexcom helps her keep up with this demanding lifestyle.

However, there is a great deal more information to be gleamed from this blog - not least the importance of an Emergency Diabetes Plan.

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rick phillips

RA Diabetes

Rick Phillips is the author of this blog, a gentleman living with both Rheumatoid Arthritis and Type 1 Diabetes. Fortunately such unfortunate circumstances in his health do not keep Mr. Phillips down, as his blog is amusing and informative.

The blog contains information on RA and Types 1 and 2 Diabetes (and a great many links to medical resources related to these conditions), in addition to regular blog posts, of which the site contains a two-year archive. Mr Phillips blogs in a personable tone – with his series of articles on Chronic Blessings being particularly touching – but there's also no shortage of education to be found here.

Reviews, tips and suggestions regarding scientific and medicinal developments on the twin subjects of RA and Diabetes rub shoulders with the personal anecdotes and think pieces on this blog; you won't find many mentions of food or lifestyle, but there's plenty to engross.

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cara everyday every minute every hour

Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute

Cara Richards, the titular ‘country girl’ of this blog, is Type 1 Diabetic as well as celiac. Despite this, this blog does not revolve around nutrition (although this blog post on the realities and myths of Diabetic sustenance is fascinating stuff); instead, the focus is on the realities of living with these conditions, and the impact it can have.

Arguably the most interesting element of this site is the Your Voice component; an opportunity for non-bloggers living with Diabetes to share their stories with the masses. These guest posts have been collated, and make for a fascinating cross-section of views and experiences from individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to share their experiences.

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the savvy diabetic

The Savvy Diabetic

Joanne Laufer Milo, aka The Savvy Diabetic, is a superstar in the world of Type 1 Diabetes blogging. An author, advocate for the cause and regular talk show guest, this site is a fountain of knowledge in the form of both written and video blogs.

The Savvy Blogger mixes posts and memes from other sources with her own wealth of experience in this subject, regularly updating news and updates surrounding the condition, reports from conferences and recommendations on further reading. Commentary on Medicare features prominently, while posts such as this breakdown of the lingo surrounding insulin pumps should educate and entertain in equal measure.

Be sure to bookmark The Savvy Diabetic to stay up-to-date with the very latest developments on the ever-changing world of this condition, and if you wish to show support, you can even make a purchase from the online shop, from which all proceeds to go toward research for a cure – the printed organizer, in particular, is a revelation.

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life sport diabetes

Life , Sport & Diabetes

Melanie Stephenson may be a Type 1 Diabetic, but you wouldn't know were it not for this website; she is also an international athlete, having represented Great Britain in numerous sprinting events - including appearances at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Life, Sport and Diabetes contains a handful of motivational videos, primarily centering on the aforementioned London Olympics, as well as no shortage of HD photographs. The text blogs are divided into three core topics – fashion, Diabetes and sport – with the prose easily digestible and broken up by numerous images.

This post, in which Ms. Stephenson explains that she is Not A Diabetes Robot, will give you a taste of why this blog comes recommended. The acccesible wording and sporting metaphors will help you get a real insight into what makes this person tick, and if she can live with Type 1 Diabetes and live such a fulfilling life, we all can.

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kikis betes

Kiki's 'Betes

Christina Elizabeth, the Kiki in the title of Kiki’s ‘Betes, is no stranger to blog enthusiasts thanks to her lifestyle site It’s Mine and Mine Only. Unsurprisingly, this particular blog focuses primarily on her diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.

Ms. Elizabeth is a prominent commentator on the subject of Diabetes, having been published in all kinds of publications online and off, and this blog is a very personal affair.

Sample posts include No Awareness Needed, Stop Assuming You Know How I Feel and How To Be an Ally to Someone with Diabetes, which should give you a flavor for Ms. Elizabeth’s take-no-prisoners attitude. Witty, engaging and packed with information, this blog could be an invaluable tool to loved ones of people living with condition as much as Diabetics themselves, especially thanks to the helpful glossary of terms. You won’t find recipes and reviews here; instead, just the thoughts of a very strong orator on the reality of Diabetes.

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low carb diabetic

The Low Carb Diabetics

There is absolutely no nonsense or pretension with the Low Carb Diabetic; this is an online recipe book, with an archive of some seven years' worth of healthy and nutritious meals for Diabetics, mixed in with very occasional opinion posts such as this hard-hitting headline: - Saviours or Parasites? There’s even the occasional music video.

Operated and updated by a small band of British Diabetics who follow a low-carb diet at all times, be sure to bookmark this site if you're seeking advice on cutting carbs from your diet.

diabetes geek amber

Diabetes Geek

The Diabetes Geek is Amber McGrath, a teenage Type 1 Diabetic who promises/warns that her blog is, "vulnerable, unfiltered and brutally honest". Don't be put off by this British blogger's tender years, however, as The Diabetes Geek is one of the most important blogs on the market.

The most recent post, the poignant If I Should Have a Daughter, in which Ms. McGrath pens an open letter to her hypothetical future Diabetic child, is as eye-opening as it is heart-wrenching – as is Diabetes is an Invalid Excuse. Posts such as Busting Misconceptions About Insulin Pumps also bring the science, however.

If you're the parent of a teenager living with Diabetes, a Diabetic yourself that recalls your own difficult years and wishes to offer support, or even just someone who recalls how difficult being 18 can be without the complications of a chronic condition, this blog is an essential bookmark.

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yoga for diabetes rachel zinman

Yoga For Diabetes

Namaste from Rachel Zinman, a Type 1 Diabetic yoga instructor. It’s no secret that anybody suffering from this condition will be encouraged to exercise regularly, and few forms of physicality will be as beneficial for Diabetes as yoga. Many of the names that concur with Ms. Zinman will be familiar to followers of other Diabetic blogs.

Articles such as Letting it All Go will help you understand just how important your mental processes can also be when it comes to dealing with Diabetes, rubbing shoulders on the site with general yoga practices, while Ms. Zinman has also penned two books on this subject – the free eBook Surviving Insulin, which can be downloaded from the site, and Yoga for Diabetes, the first chapter of which can be read online.

Yoga may not be a traditional medication for this condition, but it can be hugely beneficial. Bookmark this site to discover how and why.

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Diabettech is where Diabetes and Technology meet, delving far deeper into the nuts and bolts of the condition than many blogs could even dream of. It's certainly a thorough affair, and will largely baffle any newcomer or aspiring ally to this world, but it's an utterly invaluable source of information for Diabetics looking to ensure they are using the best possible equipment to aid the battle against their ailment.

Written by a tech-head Diabetic of almost 30 years and with an archive of posts that stretch back to 2014, some of the headlines may be daunting at first, but there is no doubting the passion and intelligence of the mind behind these articles.

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robin swindell

Bob's Blog

Robin Swindell is a Type 2 Diabetic and keep fit enthusiast, with his blog taking a slightly different tack to most competitors. With its quirky aesthetic layout, focus and tracking on marathon training and with direct links to both the NHS and Diabetes UK, it’s fair to say that Mr. Swindell has a number of interesting and unique perspectives.

Bob’s Blog, as the site is officially named, largely consists on tips and insights into how it is still possible – and indeed recommended – to live a full and active life with Type 2 Diabetes.

Posts like A Grumpy Christmas give insight into how things that some of us take for granted, such as eating our body weight on carbs over the holiday season, can affect a Diabetic, but for the most part this blog is a cheerful and engaging read that will inspire many readers – Why I Don’t Feel Like a Patient being a typically defiant and uplifting insight into Mr. Swindell’s mentality.

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stop diabetes now

Diabetes Stops Here

Diabetes Stops Here is an official blog of the American Diabetes Association, collating stories from the inspirational souls that been taking part in the ADA’s Stop Diabetes campaign.

The blog is divided into more categories than we can count, collating information, recipes, news, recommended reading, research, social chats… it’s like a Greatest Hits package of all matters pertaining to the condition.

Items such as this free programme for those new to Type 2 Diabetes will doubtless be invaluable to many, while success stories such as Why Diabetes Won’t Hold Back Olympic Athletes will bring a smile to any face. This blog cannot be recommended highly enough – add it your bookmarks immediately, as it’s a site that any Diabetic or ally will be spending a great deal of time visiting in the future.

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ardens day

Arden's Day

Scott Benner is the doting father of Arden, his Type 1 Diabetic daughter, and this blog details the experience of parenting and caring for this special young girl.

The story of Arden’s diagnosis may bring a tear to the eye, but this is an uplifting site. Mr. Benner has dedicated his life to increasing awareness surrounding this condition, and alongside the prose blogs that can found here, which largely take a technological and informative bent, he has penned a humorous book on the tribulations as life as a stay-at-home father, and hosts the Juicebox Podcast, an audio show that will allow people to learn all about Type 1 Diabetes whilst on the move.

You’ll also find all kinds of giveaways here, in addition to a gallery of inspirational photos of Arden living her life to the full despite her diagnosis, which all add to a thoroughly fulfilling online experience.

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coffee and insulin

Coffee & Insulin

Sarah is a well-travelled Type 1 Diabetic that declares coffee and insulin to be the two things that she cannot live without. This blog chronicles her many adventures across the US and Europe, all with the intention of inspiring others not to let their diagnosis dominate their lives and to let nothing stand in the way of their dreams.

Within this blog you’ll find Sarah discussing what she has eaten (proving once and for all that it’s possible to enjoy a rich and varied diet with Diabetes), the many exotic climes she has visited (confirming that staying home for your safety is not necessary) and the reality of the impact that Diabetes can have on physical and mental health.

This is an aesthetically pleasing and well-written blog that will have you hankering to make friends with Sarah yourself, and emulate her spirit of adventure and bravery.

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mike hoskins

The Diabetic's Corner Booth

Type 1 Diabetes runs in Mike Hoskins’ family, and as a result, he was diagnosed at five years old. Rather than letting this have a negative impact on his quality of life, however, Mr. Hoskins trained as a journalist and began writing for Healthline, and these literacy skills shine through on the Diabetic’s Corner Booth. This blog is a coffee shop chat that anyone can join in with.

Active for over ten years now, this blog covers the full repertoire of Diabetes-related content, from vulnerable and emotional pieces to scientific insights, all via some creativity and amusing personal anecdotes. If you’re looking for an easily accessible and personable blog from an upbeat and experienced Diabetic, this is one of the first sites that you should be bookmarking.

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very light no sugar

Very Light, No Sugar

Very Light, No Sugar is the blog of Ally, a veteran of living Type 1 Diabetes since before she turned 3. The title was inspired by the order her parents would make at the local coffees shop in solidarity for her condition, and Ally is now an impassioned advocate.

The blog has been running since 2014, and largely consists of photo-packed personal stories from Ally’s own experience. Perhaps the most interesting elements are the Coffee Dates, which are transcriptions of conversations with fellow reputable Diabetics that are packed with information and tips on managing the condition.

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karen graffeo

Bittersweet Diabetes

Karen Graffeo, the author of Bittersweet Diabetes, has a refreshingly optimistic take on her condition, right from the tagline of her blog – “because life with Diabetes isn’t all bad.”

Ms. Graffeo has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for almost forty years now, and thus makes no secret of the fact that she recalls the ‘bad old days’ of pre-technology insulin ingestion (as essayed in the article Box of Needles). As a consultant of pharma giant Medtronic, it’s safe to say that this blogger knows her subject inside and out!

This becomes increasingly clear when you investigate posts such as What Would You Do If…, while Choosing Unconference is an insight into the dilemmas of being an in-demand professional. Thankfully, you won’t need to make such decisions – add Bittersweet Diabetes to your blogroll alongside any others that take your fancy.

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mum of type 1

Mum of Type 1

Mum of Type 1 is an Australian blog that follows the experience of a parent to three young boys, one of whom has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. As you can probably imagine, juggling the particular needs of one child with this condition with two others that do not can sometimes prove to be an interesting challenge.

The words of Mum of Type 1 run the full gamut of the human experience, from emotional poetry to uplifting observations. Take a look for yourself to get a real taste of this remarkable woman’s life.

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dmom blog


While there is no shortage of blogs offering advice to the parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes, D-Mom is particularly focused on bringing the fun. Take the most recent blog at the time of writing, for example – a list of ways of making Easter enjoyable for Diabetic children who are unable to gorge on candy.

This site is the brainchild of Leighann Calentine, an Illinois-based mother-of-two and author of the award winning book Kids First, Diabetes Second. This is a hugely comprehensive blog that encompasses videos, food advice, literature reviews and a helpful list of Diabetes camps located throughout the country, as well as insights into the heart condition that Ms. Calentine’s son lives with.

Few blogs are so all-inclusive as D-Mom, but this is no Jack of all Trades, Master of None affair – everything sourced on this site is useful information that comes from an experienced expert.

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a diabetcis rollercoaster

A Diabetics Rollercoster

One of the newest Diabetes blogs to gain the attention, Sweet and Sour – The Type 1 Diabetics Rollercoaster brands itself as the insights of a 20something on the ups and downs of living with the disorder.

Written by Bec, an Australian blogger, the site has been active since 2013. There is no shortage of interesting content here, which largely revolves around the author’s personal journey and offers particular insight into the world of Diabetes treatment overseas.

Starting the Conversation, a delicately handled post on the eternally fragile matter of mental health, is the perfect place to start with this blog. Bec has a real grasp on the human element of living with Type 1 Diabetes, and blogs like this are essential to assure newly diagnosed Diabetic that that they not embarking on this journey alone.

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insulin pens dont have ink

Insulin Pens Don't Have Ink

Sarah is the 18-year-old behind Insulin Pens Don’t Have Ink, having been diagnosed with the condition from the age of 5. Sarah is a firm believer in the benefits of Diabetes Camps, and if you have teenage children, her refreshing honesty will melt your heart – this chronicle of her early days at college are pretty gut-wrenching. Don’t worry, later posts confirm that she’s doing much better now!

Though many posts on Insulin Pens Don’t Have Ink revolve around Diabetes-centric the life and times of the blog’s author, posts like My Tips for High School Students with Diabetes are universal and extremely useful, while most Diabetics will relate to I Feel Personally Victimized by Food. Endearing and informative, Insulin Pens Don’t Have Ink is well worth a look for any Diabetic or ally.

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scotts diabetes

Scott's Diabetes

A Type 1 Diabetic of almost 40 years and blogging on the subject since 2000, Scott K. Johnson plays a major role in advocating for Diabetes, not least in his role as Communications Lead for reading app MySugr.

Mr. Johnson’s website is very comprehensive, including a record of all his A1C readings, links to friends of his and the Diabetes Online Community at large, and of course, plenty of entertaining and informative articles.

Most of these revolve around Mr. Johnson’s professional engagements, though these are dispersed by insights such as

Identifying Barriers to Transitional Care

. As one of the most experienced Diabetes bloggers in the sphere, Scott K. Johnson is well worth checking in with on a regular basis.

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diabetes dad

Diabetes Dad

Diabetes Dad is Tom Karlya’s corner of the Internet. An everyman American with two teenaged children, both of whom live with Type 1 Diabetes, Mr. Karlya’s no-nonsense blogging style largely revolves around breaking news in the realm of Diabetes.

That’s not to say that this is a cold and impersonal blog –A Year from Today I Will Give her Away... is an incomparable insight into the daily struggles that a parent of a Diabetic goes through, and Stop Screaming at Yourself Over an A1C pleads with parents to cut themselves a break. Diabetes Dad remains, however, a useful source of information on all things related to this condition that you may not find elsewhere.

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diabetes parenting

Adventures In Diabetes Parenting

Pam Osborne’s daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes just after her first birthday, and now she’s a teenager. As you can probably imagine, that means that Ms. Osborne has plenty to say about parenting a child with this condition.

This blog largely revolves around the trials and tribulations of such a lifestyle, with the occasional recipe thrown in for good measure. Whether it’s the anecdote of a nervous school nurse or the ever changing and unpredictable nature of air travel with an insulin pump, this blog will have a story that everybody will be able to relate to.

healthy diabetic dan piper

The Healthy Diabetic

The Healthy Diabetic is better known as Dan, a nutrition coach who lives with Type 1 Diabetes. Announcing that, “Positivity should always be loudest, even when things are tough,” The Healthy Diabetic blog is packed with useful information surrounding the lifestyle element of this condition.

The site is broken down into several sub-menus, including exercise, nutrition and recipes, and also includes reviews of various apps and associated paraphernalia. The recipes are mouth-watering regardless of whether you are Diabetic or not, and nutritional articles such as Carbs are Not the Enemy may be eye-openers. The advice on exercise is also worth following for everybody!

The Healthy Diabetic is one of the most complete lifestyle sites within the Diabetes blogosphere, and is very worthy to regular visits.

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paleo diabetic

Paleo Diabetic

Can the Paleo diet and Diabetes make for comfortable bedfellows? That is the question that Paleo Diabetic, a site hosted by Steve Barker MD, looks to answer, though the inclusion of a medical professional’s input on drugs for Diabetics and what constitutes normal blood sugar are welcome bonuses – although, despite his qualifications, it should be noted that the content of this site is written from the standpoint of an individual rather than a doctor.

The Paleobetic diet broken down by Dr. Barker is the most interesting element of the site, providing information on the core components that make up the nutrition of this eating plan. As for the blog itself, it largely consists of guest posts on the subject at hand, along with a handful of paleo-friendly recipes. If you’re a carbophobic, this is the blog for you.

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type 1 writes frank sita

Type 1 Writes

Type 1 Writes is the domain of Frank, a young Type 1 Diabetic living in Australia. Writing in a somewhat poetic tone, Frank chronicles Diabetes from a larger emotional tone, having been published on various other sites (many will relate to My Own Worst Critic, for example), but the archive of posts that stretches back to 2015 also includes posts that surround his relationship with healthcare professionals and commentary on diet.

Type 1 Writes does not sell itself as the most technical or scientific blog on the subject of Diabetes, but Frank provides an engaging and interactive experience for anybody interested in sharing their journey through the world of the condition.

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diabetes uk

Diabetes UK

With so many blogs on Diabetes available, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. This site, an official off-shoot of UK-based charity Diabetes UK, collates links to over twenty different insights into the condition which are sure to answer every question you may have about Diabetes, and some that you didn’t even know.

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Styled as diaTribe, this blog aims to being together the disparate groups of Diabtes patients throughout the world to form a strong united front. The list of contributors will be familiar to anybody that follows the Diabetes blogosphere, and the site is unique in its ability to boast a roll call of medical professionals that act as an advisory board.

The Resources page puts most professional healthcare sites to shame in its comprehensive information on the various facets of the Diabetic lifestyle, while the sites many and varied columns make for broad and fascinating reading.

diaTribe is doing a fine job of collating all information on Diabetes together in one place, and it is thus an essential bookmark for anybody connected to the condition.

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a sweet life logo

A Sweet Life

A Sweet Life is a Diabetes lifestyle magazine, which covers every possible corner of this unique condition. Whether it’s a recipe, tips on surviving cold weather reviews of apps, fashion advice to accommodate your insulin pump or scientific and pharma updates, A Sweet Life has you covered.

This site also offers some unique insights that you may not find elsewhere, such as how to care for a Diabetic dog and questions that tend not to be asked elsewhere – and, of course, a long list of bloggers and contributors that you may wish to investigate further, in addition to a number of giveaways.

A Sweet Life covers every corner of Diabetes in the modern world, and really ought to be a regular visit for anybody with even a passing interest in the condition.

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six until me kerri

Six Until Me

Arguably one of the longest-campaigning Diabetes bloggers out there, Kerri Morrone Sparling has been talking Type 1 Diabetes online since 2005. Based in Rhode Island, Ms. Sparling is a tireless advocate and author (her first book, Balancing Diabetes, was published in 2014).

Six Until Me was started to allow young people to find the support that it’s author never had (this post explains more on the title), and the videos on the site are charming, and the passion that Ms. Sparling has for subjects such as Children with Diabetes is obvious from her written posts.

Six Until Me is a very welcoming blog, sure to assist any parent or patient new to the condition in understanding the changes their life is about to undergo.

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sysy morales a girls guide to diabetes

The Girl's Guide To Diabetes

Blogging from NYC, Sysy Morales is a qualified health coach that, along with illustrations and guest writings from her sister Ana, has constructed the ultimate guide for the modern woman to live with Type 1 Diabetes.

Ms. Morales offers complementary 50-minute health coach consultations to her readers, which is reason enough to bookmark this site, but you’ll receive the motivation that you need when you read the content contained within.

Broken down into helpful sub-categories, The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes contains particular emphasis on the body, mind and healthy habits that any Type 1 should live their life according to – as well as recommendations for external products and further reading that Ms. Morales personally vouches for.

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gretechen from wildly fluctuating

Wildly Fluctuating

Gretchen Becker is a Type 2 Diabetic author, who has penned the hugely successful tomes Type 2 Diabetes: The First Year and Pre-Diabetes. Wildly Fluctuating is Ms. Becker’s blog, where she shares her day-to-day insights of life as with Type 2, which she was diagnosed with in 1996.

This is one of the more established sites in the Diabetes blogosphere, having been founded in 2009, and Ms. Becker discusses a series of talking points that fluctuate every bit as wildly as her blood sugar. Do Diabetics Cause Global Warming? is a particular fascinating read. As a PhD-educated academic, Ms. Becker has some particularly deep insights into the realms of science and health.

Wildly Fluctuating is a more bare-bones site, which means that you’ll have to investigate for yourself to find the wide variety of subjects covered, but this blog is well worth losing yourself in for an hour or two.

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