Optimum Nutrition Creatine Reviews

optimum nutrition creatine reviews

Optimum Nutrition is one of the best fitness brands on the market. When people are just starting out in the fitness world and need to buy their first supplements, Optimum Nutrition are a great way to get quality supplements for affordable prices. They have protein powders, multi-vitamins, BCAAs, pre-workouts, fish oils, and more. They also have tons and tons of options when it comes to buying a great creatine supplement. In fact, Optimum Nutrition has some of the best creatine supplements on the market. This Optimum Nutrition creatine review is going to look at the company’s 5 best creatine supplements available.

Opt​imum Nutrition's Top 5 Creatine Products

1. Optimum Nutrition Creatine Powder

optimum nutrition creatine powder

This creatine powder is one of the bestselling creatine powders on Amazon. It’s also one of Optimum Nutrition’s bestselling products. There’s a reason: it’s high quality for a low price. This creatine powder is made with CreaPure creatine, the purest type of creatine around. You get 5g of 99.9% pure creatine monohydrate with every teaspoon. It’s micronized, which means it will mix very easily into water or any of your favorite beverages. You won’t get that gritty sand-like texture that you normally get with other creatine supplements. You are also unlikely to taste it (especially if you mix it in a protein shake or fruit drink) and you are unlikely to experience any negative side effects like bloating or cramps.


  • Easy to mix
  • No taste
  • Effective, pure and high quality
  • The price is right - good for someone on a lower budget.​


  • You might get side effects like cramping and bloating. Solution? Drink a lot more water.
  • You can get creatine powders that mix better if you spend more money.

2. Optimum Nutrition Creatine 2500mg Capsules

Out of the 5 supplements listed in this Optimum Nutrition creatine review, this one is my favorite. Personally, I prefer my creatine in capsule form. I hate mixing stuff and dumping powders into liquids. I also hate having to transport my powdered creatine anywhere I need to go (like work or the gym). The solution? Creatine in capsules. Genius! Obviously, if you hate taking capsules or swallowing tablets, this won’t be the best recommendation for you. But if you’re anything like me and you have a big throat and are too impatient to drink your creatine, this is the best thing there is. The stuff in the capsules is exactly the same high-quality creatine that you would get in Optimum Nutrition’s powder. It’s pricier than the powder (double the price) but if you can afford to pay for convenience, I think it’s well worth it.


  • Great for people who hate constantly mixing powders (like me).
  • I think they're easy to swallow.
  • It contains the same stuff as the powder. Nothing added.​


  • If you hate swallowing pills, capsules, or tablets, this isn’t for you.
  • Double the price of the powder. Perhaps that's too much to pay for convenience?

3. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

optimum nutrition serious mass

Now this isn’t strictly just a creatine supplement. Oh, no! It’s a lot more than that. This is one of Optimum Nutrition’s weight gainers. If the main reason you’re looking for a creatine supplement is because you want to pack on some fast mass, you might want to consider picking up a weight gainer with creatine in it. Is this the healthiest to do? No. It’s got a lot of calories and a lot of simple carbs in this baby. But I remember what it was like when I just started working out and I looked like a skinny bean poll. I needed mass fast. I was basically malnourished. And this supplement really helped me pack on the mass. I actually looked like I worked out. Once I got to a respectable weight, I dropped it and focused on taking a quality protein powder and eating clean. If you need to gain mass fast, grab this supplement. Check out some of the before and after pictures.


  • Great for “hardgainers” or anyone who is new to the gym and looking for fast, easy mass (no matter the quality).
  • It's one of the better weight gainers around.
  • Pretty tasty. It comes in 5 flavors and my favorite is Banana.


  • Say bye-bye to good gut health. Seriously, I’m pretty sure everyone will experience some stomach discomfort and side effects from this supplement.

4. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-workout

optimum nutrition gold standard pre workout

Here’s another supplement from Optimum Nutrition that contains creatine but is not just a creatine supplement. If you just need creatine pure and simple, grab my top two recommendations. However, if you want your creatine to come with a little extra boost right before a workout, I highly recommend this pre-workout. Each serving comes with 3g of CreaPure creatine monohydrate along with other goodies like vitamin D, niacin, vitamin B6, and caffeine. As well as giving you a great boost before your workout and allowing you to achieve an easy pump, this product also comes in 6 delicious flavors. I recommend Blueberry Lemonade and Green Apple.


  • Gives you a great pre-workout boost.
  • Great pumps. Do some high-rep training and feel those guns bulginh.
  • Really tasty, especially Blueberry Lemonade.


  • Might not be great for those sensitive to caffeine. Each serving has 175mg of caffeine.
  • Lots of fillers. You don't need all the ingredients inside.

5. Optimum Nutrition Pre-load Creatine Complex

optimum nutrition pre load creatine complex

This creatine supplement has 10g of creatine and 70g of fast carbs along with 2g of BCAAs. This formula is created on the belief that creatine requires fast acting carbs in order to increase the rate of absorption into the muscles. Personally, I don’t quite believe that. However, if you take this after your workout, along with a good protein powder, I can see this as being beneficial because you need an insulin spike after a hard workout anyway. As for taking this supplement at any other time of day, I would advise against it. Keep this one for post-workout and post-workout only. Otherwise, you’re getting too many simple sugars at the wrong time.


  • Great for post-workout nutrition.
  • Tasty. I love Mandarin Orange flavor.


  • Only good for post-workout. You don’t need that much simple sugar at any other time of day unless you want to get fat or diabetes.

Wrapping Up

When looking for the best creatine supplement, you can’t go wrong with Optimum Nutrition. Check out the ON creatine reviews for each product and you’ll see that Optimum Nutrition is a top quality company with a great series of products. When it comes to other types of supplements (like protein powders and BCAAs), I’m always experimenting with different brands. But with creatine, I have settled down with Optimum Nutrition. They’re my go-to brand and, after you try them, I’m sure they’ll be your go-to brand too.

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