MHP Dark Matter Review

MHP Dark Matter Review

This MHP Dark Matter review is going to tell you all you need to know about the Dark Matter post-workout supplement from Maximum Human Performance. There are a lot of MHP Dark Matter reviews but this one will tell you exactly what you need to know in the most concise way possible.

Many Dark Matter MHP reviews are focused on the old formula. It is important to understand that MHP recently changed the formula for their popular Dark Matter supplement. We’re going to be looking into whether this was a good thing, what the Dark Matter supplement is like now, and whether it holds up to Maximum Human Performance’s lofty claims. So grab yourself a protein shake, set aside a few minutes, sit back, and enjoy this Dark Matter supplement review.

Criteria For A Great Post Workout

Post Workout Supplement Review

What do we expect from a post-workout supplement? Post-workout supplementation can mean a lot of things to different people but, generally speaking, there are a few constants that pretty much everyone looks for in a high quality post-workout supplement.

The number one most important factor in a post-workout supplement is typically protein. Protein can come in many different forms with whey and casein being the most popular. Whey protein powder has been a staple of post-workout nutrition for a long time for everyone from bodybuilders and weightlifters to runners and athletes. Taking a whey protein supplement immediately after working out is super important because your muscles will need the protein in order to begin the rebuilding and recovery part of training.

Another important factor in post-workout supplements is having simple carbohydrates. Consuming simple carbohydrates at any time of the day is usually not recommended but an exception is made for the post-workout window. After working out, your body is primed for an insulin spike, and the simple sugars will increase the protein absorption and help replenish depleted glycogen stores. A 2:1 ratio of whey protein and simple carbohydrates (dextrose is a good choice) is often desirable. For example, many athletes find 30g of protein and 60g of carbs after a workout to be effective. Some post-workout supplements will have more protein and carbs, like 50g of protein and 80g of carbs, or less protein and carbs, like 20g of protein and 40g of carbs, or lots of protein and little or no carbs. What ratio you choose is heavily dependent on your goals.

If you’re working out strenuously and many hours and day and many days a week, you will need a supplement with a high protein and carbohydrate content. If you following a paleo-style or low-carb diet, you will want a post-workout supplement that has few or no carbohydrates. Once the protein and carbohydrate content is optimized, other additions to a post-workout supplement are typically a bonus for most trainers.

Some supplements have essential fatty acids, some have creatine, others have BCAAs, some have greens in them, and others have all manner of ingredients thrown into the mix too. Trainers who are familiar with post-workout supplements have likely experienced that most supplements taste disgusting. Many trainers actively look for a shake that is not only effective but delicious too. More and more companies are bringing great tasting products to market given this demand.


Product Overview

Dark Matter Review

If you compare recent Dark Matter supplement reviews to older Dark Matter MHP reviews, you notice something surprising. It’s almost as if reviewers are talking about two different supplements. That’s because Dark Matter used to be completely different.

Maximum Human Performance recently changed their formula, which resulted in a lot of angry customers who used to be super loyal. MHP state that their current formula is new and improved and call it the ultimate post-workout muscle growth enhancer. They state that Dark Matter causes a 600% increase in protein synthesis, absorbs faster than whey isolate, spikes insulin levels of fast absorption, and replenishes glycogen and increases cell volume. But to what extent are those claims true?

Let’s look at the nutritional profile of Dark Matter in order to speculate:

  • 1 scoop of Dark Matter, which is 38g, provides 110 calories.
  • Of this, 25g are carbohydrates, with 0g of sugar, and 2g of protein.
  • There is also 100mcg of chromium.
  • Then there is the 35g of Dark Matter Hyper-Anabolic Growth Accelerator Matrix, which includes fast acting glucose polymers, polysaccharies from Waxy Maize, and homo-polysaccharides from potato starch.
  • There is also a Protein Synthesis Accelerator, which has a 10:1:1 ratio of BCAAs (l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine). There is also 2,150mg of a creatine formula.

If you’re a trainer that understands nutritional profiles, alarm bells are probably already sounding in your head when you see this profile. If not, please read on to the pros and cons of this MHP Dark Matter review.


  • Dark Matter does a pretty good job of replenishing glycogen stores and works well after some intense cardio or lifting to get the recovery process started.
  • Dark Matter mixes well with water but I recommend mixing it with Gatorade to mask the taste. Just give it a few shakes and you’re good to go. The consistency is a bit thicker than other shakes but it’s easy to deal with.
  • This supplement does a good job at reducing soreness. This is likely due to the branched chain amino acids. Try this supplement after a heavy leg day and you will be impressed and how good you feel and your legs should be nice and full.

Review Post Workout Supplements


  • The first major drawback of Dark Matter is the shockingly small amount of protein.

It feels weird calling this a Dark Matter protein review because there is such a negligible amount of protein that it doesn’t even feel like a protein supplement.

Seriously? 2g of protein in a post-workout supplement? How is that anywhere near enough? For most serious trainers, anything less than 15g of protein per serving is a joke. Dark Matter used to have 12g of protein, which was already on the super low side, but then they decided to change their formula and take 10g of protein away. They might as well have taken all of the protein because 2g of protein is basically useless.

How can the company make claims like ‘600% increase in protein synthesis’ and ‘absorbs faster than whey isolate’ when they have a ridiculously small amount of protein in the supplement?

This might work for some trainers who want to get their protein from another source or, for various reasons, cannot deal with high amounts of protein but I simply don’t see this as being a good thing for pretty much any trainer.

  • It doesn’t taste good.

You would think that if there was such a little amount of protein in a supposedly protein supplement, they would at least make it taste good. As it turns out, if you want something tasty post-workout, you are better off with something like Cellucor.

  • It has a lot of artificial colors and fillers.
  • The quality of the ingredients and the ratio doesn’t seem solid.

For example, the label claims to have a creatine complex of 2,150mg but doesn’t say what the ratio of creatine monohydrate is to creatine gluconate, and creatine magnapowder. It seems like they are trying to hide the fact that the majority of the ingredients are super cheap and not effective.


When it comes to Dark Matter supplements, reviewing can be a bit difficult. Like many other customers, I was a big fan of the old formula. I’m not too impressed with their new formula but I have to say that it does work well for recovery. It has too many chemicals, not enough protein, and doesn’t taste too great but it does a good job of reducing muscular soreness and helping you get back in the gym and hitting it hard ASAP.

It’s not too expensive (around $30) so if you’re not bothered about the low protein content, I would recommend it, especially if you like the nutritional profile.

As you might have noticed in this Dark Matter supplement review, this product is quite different from other post-workout supplements but you’re unique needs might make Dark Matter very attractive for your purposes. I could see this as being really good for someone who does a lot of long-distance cardio because it eases muscular soreness and replenishes glycogen. I hope this MHP Dark Matter review has helped clear a few things up. It’s certainly a unique supplement. I wouldn’t take it on a regular basis because I lift weights for hypertrophy and need a higher protein content. But the only question that matters is whether it is right for you.


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