Holiday Stress – 10 Easy Ways To Reduce It Now

holiday stress

Don’t Stress The Small Stuff!

Holiday periods such as Christmas or summer can be extremely stressful times for families. Some of the reasons for stress can be financial or just plain personality clashes. Often people are thrown together for long periods of time away from their own homes visiting family at holiday times when they are used to being in their own homes. If you are visiting family, be sure to find time to yourself by taking a walk to regroup and relax.


board game

Bring A Board Game!

Research has shown that families who play together, stay together! A boardgame can often bring family members together old and young and break the tension if there is any helping everyone to forget that they’re angry in the first place.

Top Up On Sleep And Food!

If you’re staying with family during holidays try and get an early night and eat at regular intervals so that your tiredness or hunger don’t make you “hangry” and lead you to snap at relatives when you might not otherwise do so. Keep things in perspective, holidays such as Christmas are short periods of time and are over in a flash, so if you’re feeling under pressure, bite your tongue and count to ten! Finding time to get away and meditate away from the cut and thrust of family life is a great sanity salver.

Go Easy On The Booze!

alcohol abuse and digestive enzymes

If you’re staying round at the in-laws and you’ve a genuine dislike for some of your extended family, it’s best to go easy on the alcohol lest you tell them what you do actually thing of them following a few ill-advised vinos. Remember in vino veritas aka, when you’re over the limit, the truth slips out! Save yourself a lot of aggro and keep your dignity by splashing more soft drinks into your glass than prosecco! Your family will thank you in the end and might even be welcomed back next year!


Do Your Share Of The Chores!

holiday stress chores

Helping out in the kitchen is a great waay to earn brownie points. Its also a great way to feel useful and wow your family with your incredible creations. Just cleaning up and doing dishes can help relieve the pressure for everyone else, but don’t become a doormat and do everything while everyone else relaxes, no one will thank you for being a martyr, they might even resent your halo!

Don’t Blow The Budget!

If you are feeling the financial pressure at key holiday times, planning your finances and sticking to a budget 6 months to a year prior to Christmas can help you cope and provide a pot of money that will help you buy what you need. It’s important to be honest about your finances and ensure that don’t overspend and buy presents for people that you cannot afford. It’s short sighted to buy expensive gifts for your family when you know this will put you into debt for the rest of the year, so stick to your budget and don’t be swayed by marketing in shops or online.

Free Is Fun!

Children and parents alike look forward to summer holidays, and whether you’re going away on vacation or having a “staycation”, it’s important to plan the time so you’ll enjoy it. If finances are tight, planning trips and activities which don’t cost anything will help you enjoy your holiday just as much. Sometimes, a trip to the park or the beach can be just as fun and memorable as an expensive trip to an event or indoor playpark.

Use Your Local Arts And Sports Centres

Quite often Leisure centres and arts centres organise great value summer schemes for 1 or 2 weeks at a time where young children of various ages can take part in activities such as arts and crafts or sport for a full day or half day period. This enables them to have a structure in their day and meet new friends while having fun too! It will also give busy mothers

Making The Most Of Indoor Activities

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Bad weather can be a challenge for parents when children are off on holiday so it’s important to have a few activities up your sleeve that don’t depend on sunshine! Getting children to cook and make cookies or cupcakes and decorate them is a great fun but educational activity that children will enjoy and doesn’t require a big budget.

Crafts are also a great way to get children involved in something creative and fun which also doesn’t cost the earth. Painting and drawing or decorating artwork or making simple jewelry is an activity all the adults and children can have a go at. It’s also extremely therapeutic and calming for more boisterous children.

Share The Workload With Other Parents!

It’s a great idea to have your children’s friends around at least once a week, because that means that your children will be able to play at their friends’ houses at least once a week also which means that you get a break to clean your house leaving you less stressed!

Co-operating with other parents during summer holiday periods on care duties will help share the load and will keep children entertained. Sharing driving duties with other parents and taking turns to do pickups and drop-offs will also mean that you will have more free time to yourself!

You’ll also find a like-minded bunch of friends who you can get support from should you need it. And remember, your little darlings will be back at nursery, school sooner than you think, so enjoy the time with them while you can!

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