Flat Tummy Tea – Does It Work?

​We never stop questing for the perfect body, and while we are all fully aware that it's always going to be diet and exercise that really do the trick when it comes to trimming the fat around our mid-sections, there's no harm in seeking assistance now and again.

The majority of us will try anything once, but watch your pockets, the 'earth-shattering' supposed results of products such as this are not worth the paper they are printed on, nor will you have a miracle answer to whatever you are seeking.​

Flat Tummy Tea is the latest product that promises to kick bloat to the curb and guide you to a washboard stomach. Promises are one thing, but can the purveyors of this product live up to those assurances? Let’s take a look.

What is Flat Tummy Tea?

Flat Tummy Tea is a naturally brewed beverage originating from Australian brand Synergy CHC that claims to detoxify your body, boost your natural energy reserves and speed up your metabolism.

The taste of the drink is ultimate Green Tea with a little extra sweetness, and the manufacturers promise that you'll start to see results almost immediately.

What are the Ingredients of Flat Tummy Tea?

Ultimately Green Tea with a stack of extra ingredients, the product is shipped in two phases; the first, known as Activate, contains peppermint, lemon balm, liquorice, dandelion, cleavers, fennel, caraway and cardamom (among others).

Upon completion of that course, you'll be moved onto phase 2, Cleanse - containing senna, peppermint, cassia chamaecrista, liquorice, caraway, dandelion, and rhubarb (again, among others listed).

The above ‘concoctions’ clearly appear to detoxify by prolific cleansing of your bowels, judging by the ingredients.

Have they not heard about the effects of laxative abuse?

Sounds like a few trips to the bathroom, particularly awkward if you ‘get caught short’ at work, having downed a cup of this elixir first thing in the morning! One in the evening – hopefully you are a light sleeper and your bathroom is close to your bedroom.

Does Flat Tummy Tea Come with Side Effects? Is it Safe?

According to Synergy CHC, none at all.

The cleansing of toxins promises to be gentle without side effects, and by sipping on Flat Tummy Tea you will supposedly find yourself trim and devoid of bloat.

Of course everybody reacts differently depending on the sensitivity of their body, and despite the claims of Flat Tummy Tea that you won’t be making regular trips to the bathroom, any kind of supplement of this nature can result in dizziness, nausea, headaches and diarrhoea.

​No Clinical Claims Of Safety

In the absence of any clear clinical testing, claims of ‘safety’ should be refuted. Pregnant, lactating, breastfeeding?

Where is the proof that this tea is safe?

That is without thinking of any other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, stomach or colonic problems. Show the evidence, as opposed to manufacturers marketing ‘spiel’.

Is There Any Clinical Research to Back Up the Claims of Flat Tummy Tea?

Here’s where things get interesting – the official website of Flat Tummy Tea is big on promises that you’ll feel fabulous in no time at all 'you arm-stroking sisterhood' (call us miserable cynics, but if we never see the word “babe” again it will be too soon), but very light on actual information that suggests just how and why the product works at reducing the size of your stomach.

​Theoretically Sound But...

The science is theoretically sound when we look at the ingredients; most of the ingredients contained within Flat Tummy Tea are supposedly helpful in the process of dropping excess pounds1, although more research really needs to be undertaken on this subject to reach an indisputable conclusion.

Green Tea Does The Job Just As Effectively

On the other hand, some sources suggest that green tea does the job just as effectively2, and a box of these teabags from a supermarket or health food store will cost just a fraction of Flat Tummy Tea – and there’s no need to worry about import duties, or negative side effects.

​No Clinical Evidence

Looking online for clinical evidence that proves that Flat Tummy Tea works brings up a big nothing – just a great deal of reviews that vary wildly in opinion. Speaking of which…

Worldwide Reviews of Flat Tummy Tea

The Flat Tummy Tea website hosts a number of five-star reviews from happy customers that claim the product changes their lives, but how about elsewhere on the Internet?

The brand doesn’t sell on Amazon, which may set some alarm bells ringing – there are no shortage of rivals on the world’s biggest warehouse claiming to peddle products that deliver a similar service, so if Synergy CHC are as confident in the qualities of Flat Tummy Tea as they claim, why would they not sell on such a popular site? It isn’t as though the product isn’t readily available throughout the USA.

​Mixed To Negative

Elsewhere, reviews are mixed to negative. Diet Spotlight are far from convinced, with some users complaining that the tea tasted foul and left them constipated3 – not exactly ideal. High Ya are far from convinced, and give a detailed explanation as to why4. Leanrunnerbean are particularly scathing, with an article heading of, “It sucks, and here’s why”5.

​Not All Doom & Gloom

Don’t start packing your desk up just yet though, CEO of Synergy CHC; it’s not entirely doom and gloom.

We managed to dig out at least one blogger that swears by the stuff6 . If you’re down with modern technology you can also give a number of video reviews on YouTube a try – again, conclusions vary!

Ultimately, like all online reviews, take a look at a handful and try to decide whose values closest reflect your own. We also know that companies search for bloggers to review their products at the drop of a hat. Beware.

What are the Pros and Cons of Flat Tummy Tea?

You’ll have to forgive us for being blunt, but we’re just going to go ahead and say it – the pros of Flat Tummy Tea are pretty minimal.

It certainly does help with bloating and spark energy, but so do a number of cheaper, easier products – including simple lemon water or green tea. Even half a teaspoon of turmeric in your tea can bring about amazing and more importantly, natural herbal results.

Misleading Name

Perhaps the biggest negative against Flat Tummy Tea is that the title itself is somewhat misleading – this isn’t the path to a washboard stomach by burning fats and calories, just a way of reducing the physical sensation of bloat.

In fact, even the official website lists ‘tips’ to assist with the detox process, including cutting down on water-based veggies and fruit, eat less and work out more.

You know, just like every single successful diet that doesn’t involve spending significant sums of money on supplements. Many similar products also offer a money back guarantee if you don’t see results – not so with Flat Tummy Tea.


Sorry, but we’re not convinced that Flat Tummy Tea is anything but a placebo. If you have plenty of disposable income and are prepared to take a stab on a supplementary product then maybe it’s worth paying attention to the positive feedback, even if it just acts as motivation to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle regime.

Even then, as intimated above, maybe you’ll be better served by investing in a cheaper, fat-burning alternative that offers a refund if you see no results – there are no shortage of such products available online.

Ultimately, however, as crushingly dull and predictable a thing to say as this may be, there really is no substitute for diet and exercise when you’re looking to tone up your stomach – magical, miracle techniques simply do not exist, and Flat Tummy Tea is a way of parting those looking for a shortcut from their money.

Have you tried Flat Tummy Tea? What did you think? Please let us know in the comments!​


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