Fruitarian Diet

fruitarian diet

The Fruitarian diet is, as the name may suggest, a diet in which only fruit may be consumed. The main focus for the diet is eating fresh, uncooked fruit – ideally organic, heirloom varieties. In this article we take a look at the practicalities of following it and the pros and cons.

Best Fat Burning Diet

So you’re looking for the best fat burning diet but don’t know where to start? I don’t blame you. Searching for the best fat loss diet or the best natural fat burners will give you loads of results, all offering conflicting and confusing information. Where do you start? Well, in my opinion, the best place … Read more

The Shangri La Diet

shangri la diet

A diet plan that lets you eat what you want? It doesn’t happen often! The Shangri La Diet promises weight loss without the hassle of overhauling your eating habits. Below I look at what this diet is and what all the fuss is about it.What Is The Shangri La Diet?The Shangri La Diet is a … Read more

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

Fad diets are everywhere with some more crazy than others. Some Fads can actually turn out to be an okay diet to follow, while others are dangerous and worthless when it comes to weight loss. Below I take a look at the Sleeping Beauty Diet – a diet all about getting your Beauty Sleep.What Is … Read more