Best Protein Powder for Women

There are tons of articles about the best protein powders that seem aimed primarily at men. But what is the best protein powder for women?

When it comes to nutrition and working out, women often need different things to men and have different goals so it only makes sense to search specifically for the best protein powder for women. That’s exactly what I’ve done here.

I’ve tried and tested dozens of the best protein supplements on the market to discover which protein powder is best for women. Here are the ten protein powders that will help keep you ladies toned, fit and full of energy.

fitmiss delight nutritional shake

1. Fitmiss Delight Healthy Nutrition Shake For Women

Fitmiss might just be the best protein powder for women due to how fiendishly addictive this healthy supplement is. It tastes amazing. That’s super important because if it tastes delicious, you’re more likely to use it often and get the nutritional benefits. Most protein shakes taste like mud (or worse) but Fitmiss Delight is extremely yummy. It comes in 11 terrific flavors. My four favorite flavors are Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Banana Cream, and Vanilla Chai. Each serving gives you 16g of protein and just 90 calories with very little fat and carbohydrates. This makes it perfect for post-workout nutrition or whenever you need a healthy and tasty snack. Fitmiss makes following a diet extremely easy to stick to because it kicks those nasty cravings to the curb. As an added bonus, Fitmiss is also extremely well priced.

ideallean protein powder

2. IdealLean Protein Powder For Women

As the name suggests, IdealLean is perfect for the lady who is trying to trim down to their ideal weight. IdealLean helps you do that by providing you with 20g of whey protein isolate per serving. It also gives you a healthy dose of calcium and folic acid. Ithas 0g of sugar, 0g of fat, and 0g of carbs. Each serving is just 80 calories so you can have a couple throughout the day while dieting. It comes in two amazing flavors: French Vanilla and Chocolate Brownie. I actually like mixing both flavors together in order to make a delicious French Vanilla Chocolate Brownie milkshake. This one is pricier than Fitmiss for a tub of 30 servings. But it’s well worth the investment. If you check out the reviews, you’ll a lot of people who think this is an extremely good protein powder for women.

isopure zero carb

3. Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder

Isopure is not directly marketed towards men or women but I do find that women who are serious athletes will benefit a lot from this extremely high quality protein powder. If you’re exerting yourself a lot in the gym or playing sports frequently and with high intensity, Isopure is going to help you rebuild yourself and contribute to fat loss and better appearance. It has absolutely no carbs, which makes it perfect for anyone following the paleo diet. It also has a high protein content at 50g of protein per serving. This will help keep you full if you’re dieting hard. On top of that, each serving gives you a healthy dose of glutamine and BCAAs to help improve your recovery. It comes in 19 lovely flavors. I recommend Creamy Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate and Espresso. The Espresso one is particularly good for mixing in with your morning coffee.

best tasting vanilla protein

4. Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Powder

Staying in shape and feeling healthy is important but so is having radiant skin. But the fact of the matter is that many protein powders that are made with whey simply don’t agree with our bodies. Many of them cause blemishes and spots. The solution? Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Powder. It’s 100% natural and made with a healthy blend of organic brown rice protein, organic chia seed, organic hemp protein, and organic pea protein.Each serving gives you 21g of high quality plant-based protein, just 5g of carbs and no added sugar. It’s also gluten free, soy free, dairy free and non-GMO. Basically, it’s the perfect protein powder for women. In addition to being really healthy, this protein powder also tastes fantastic. It comes in two flavors: Vanilla Bean and Creamy Chocolate Fudge. They’re both delicious but if you’re feeling indulgent, or you’re missing your dessert because you’re deep into a diet, trying mixing them both together. This is a really good protein powder for women because it will leaving you feeling as great as it makes you look.

her natural whey protein powder

5. Her Natural Whey Protein Powder For Women

If you’re looking for a top rated protein powder for women that gets its protein from whey, look no further. Her Natural Whey is one of the best on the market. The whey is of extremely high quality because it comes from grass-fed cows that are free from growth hormones. It has no artificial sweeteners and only uses natural ingredients. Each serving gives you 20g of protein with just 3g of carbs and 2g of fat. This means you’ll feel satisfied after drinking it and any cravings for sweet things will be gone. If you’re looking to jumpstart your fat loss diet, trying having 2 shakes a day: one in the morning for breakfast and one after your workout. You’ll drop the fat super fast and feel more energetic than ever before. It also tastes great (the chocolate version tastes like chocolate milk) and is a bargain.

labrada nutrition jamie eason lean body for her whey protein powder

6. Labrada Nutrition Lean Body For Her

If you’ve tried a few different protein powders in the past (especially the ones aimed at men) you’ll know that even the best ones clump up and taste a little bit artificial. If you’ve experienced that, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of Labrada Nutrition Lean Body For Her. It is one of the best mixing protein powders around. All you need is a blender bottle and a quick firm shake and you won’t have to deal with any nasty clumps. It also tastes superb. It doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners, just a little bit of organic cane sugar and monk fruit extract. It’s never been easier or tastier to get 25g of top quality protein into your diet. It’s extremely reasonably priced too so won't break the bank.

six star fit lean protein blend

7. Six Star Lean Protein Blend

If you’re a lady on a budget, the best protein powder for you is Six Star Lean Protein Blend. It begs belief just how cheap this is. It’s REALLY cheap and still top quality. In addition to giving you 16g of 100% isolate protein in each serving (and only 70 calories), you also get a healthy dose of probiotics and flaxseed meal and digestive enzymes. It mixes really well with water or unsweetened almond milk and will leaving you feeling full and satisfied for hours after consumption. If you need something healthy to keep you full until dinner, this is the perfect afternoon snack. As for the taste, this is probably the tastiest cheap protein powder around. Vanilla and Chocolate are both winners.

natures bounty optimal solutions protein shake

8. Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein & Vitamin Shake

This protein powder is a real special discovery and certainly one of the best protein powders for women. I love how healthy it is. As well as 15g of protein, each serving gives you fiber, B vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, probiotics, and more. It fills you up and tastes delicious. I recommend getting a blender and using the protein shake as a base to make a yummy smoothie. Try blending the vanilla flavor with a banana, some strawberries and unsweetened almond milk. If you’re looking to lose weight, you can’t go wrong with Nature’s Bounty. Check out the reviews and you’ll see some fantastic fat loss success stories.

designer protein aria

9. Aria Women’s Wellness Protein

This protein shake really seems like it was made for women by women. Each serving delivers 15g of protein but it also has so much more. It includes biotin and vitamin C in order to give you a healthy complexion, hair and nails. There’s calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D for bone strength. There’s also prebiotic fiber to help your digestive system and folate to support growth. The protein type is soy and it’s completely free from any hormones or artificial ingredients. In short, this is a healthy protein shake that will enhance your overall health. And the price is crazily low. I would recommend stocking up and grabbing both the Chocolate and Vanilla flavor before I buy all the stock.

designer protein lite

10. Designer Protein Lite Whey

If you’re on a real tight budget and you only need 10g of protein per serving, I highly recommend you try Designer Protein Lite Whey. It’s a massive bargain and it tastes amazing. I personally love the Strawberry Sundae and Vanilla Cupcake flavors. They are a great way to start your day or reward yourself for a hard workout. It’s also hard to believe this product only contains 60 calories per serving. I’m glad it does though because now I can have my cake and eat it too! By that I mean I can enjoy something yummy and still look and feel fantastic.

Wrapping up

The best protein supplement is a highly subjective thing but I can say with absolute certainty that practically any woman will find something they love from this top 10 list. Whether your goal is to lose fat, feel healthier or recover faster, all of these powders have something for you. They taste great, are good for you and are made with your unique body and needs in mind.

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