Best Glutamine Supplement

best glutamine supplements

Choosing the best glutamine supplement can be a challenge as there are a vast amount of products on the market.

Naturally, you want to find the finest for your requirements and the one that’s going to provide optimum effects for your body.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found within the body and it has a variety of uses. From aiding the immune system to helping muscle recovery after strenuous exercise; it has an important role in many bodily functions.

A deficiency can occur when the body is under stress or strain, such as illness or injury. During this time, supplementing the body with it will help to boost levels for good health.

These supplements are relatively affordable, easy to consume and are a convenient way of helping the body to heal in times of strain.

To help you discover the best glutamine supplement for your health needs, we’ve gathered and reviewed the top 5 in order for you to determine the best selection in terms of effectiveness, price, and overall quality.

The Benefits Of Taking Glutamine

Glutamine has a range of health benefits. An essential benefit is for improving a leaky gut. It helps to enhance gut health by boosting its ability to function at optimum level and eradicate any toxins.

A leaky gut can lead to health concerns, including weight issues so glutamine supplementation can be highly beneficial. Furthermore, glutamine aids the immune system as white blood cells use this amino acid to maintain correct functioning.

Many people use it for athletic purposes. It aids the resynthesis of carbohydrates after workouts. After exercise, glycogen in the muscles is depleted so it needs to be replenished quickly to help muscle recovery.

Different Types Of Glutamine

Supplements vary between powder, tablets, capsules and drinks. The best form of glutamine to take is the free form l-glutamine available in tablets or powder form.

Avoid using forms that are known for poor delivery, such as n-acetyl-l-glutamine and aKIC-glutamine.

If you enjoy supplementing with drinks or protein bars, look for those with peptide-bound forms of glutamine, including glycyl-L-glutamine hydrate or L-alanyl-L-glutamine.

Generally, in this form, there is around 7g of glutamine per 10g of glutamine peptide.

Best Glutamine Brands

The top brands include;

  • Optimum Nutrition – Manufacturers of many best-selling health and wellness supplements, Optimum Nutrition are a reliable brand of high quality products that you can trust.
  • Now Foods – A family owned company, Now Foods manufacture a multitude of health and beauty products. Since 1968, they’ve been committed to providing excellent products for good health.

Top 10 Glutamine Supplements

Formula, effectiveness and price are just three factors that consumers search for when purchasing a supplement, and what is considered when creating a top 5 list of the best on the market.

Analysing the top 10 will help you to decide which brands are reliable and trusted by those who have already made a purchase. Here are the top 5 glutamine supplements for consumers.

optimum nutrition glutamine supplement

There are varying reasons as to why this product is on the list of the best.

It’s a bestseller on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews, as well as being affordable for consumers to purchase. The bottle contains 120 capsules with 1000mg of glutamine per capsule. Other ingredients include gelatine and magnesium stearate.

It helps to aid muscle recovery after exercise and is ideal for those who participate in regular workouts, including bodybuilding.

now foos now sports l-glutamine powder

The Now Foods L-Glutamine Powder is the next addition on our list.

This supplement contains one pound of 100% pure powder and 90 servings.

One rounded teaspoon contains 5g of free form glutamine powder.

For consumers who don’t enjoy taking tablets orally, this supplement is the perfect choice as you can easily mix it with a protein shake or your personal choice of beverage.

This supplement is formulated without preservatives or added ingredients and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Using this supplement will help to boost your immune system, aid muscle recovery after exercise, help improve leaky gut syndrome, and increase energy.

bulk supplements l-glutamine powder

This Bulk Supplements Pure L-Glutamine Powder contains 100g of supplement and 1000mg per serving, equalling 100 servings per packet.

Formulated with pure pharmaceutical grade glutamine, this supplement has been lab tested for purity and overall quality.

Free of sugar, soy, dairy, yeast, gluten and additives, the Bulk Supplements Powder promotes muscle growth by preventing muscle loss.

The powder is easily dissolved in liquid and can be used in your preferred beverage. The quality and affordable price makes this product a welcome addition to our list.

amrap nutrition glutamine powder

AMRAP Nutrition's powder contains 200g of powder or 40 scoops.

The pure micronized pure form glutamine powder is manufactured in the USA and is free from fillers, colors and sweeteners.

The formulation has been designed for optimal absorption to aid muscle recovery and growth.

This product is third party tested for quality and safety and is suitable for vegetarians.

If you’re not satisfied with the supplement, you can return it within 90 days and receive your money back.

muscletech platinum glutamine supplement

This supplement is a 10.65 oz. of pure glutamine of the highest quality.

The odourless product can be easily mixed with other products or consumed on its own for maximum benefits.

This 60-day supply of ultra-pure micronized glutamine provides a 5g dosage per serving which can be used for bodybuilding purposes or your own health needs.

The Next 5 Best Products

Are you searching for more products? If you want to consider more glutamine supplements, here are the next 5 best products on our list.

body fortress glutamine

Containing300 grams of powder and 66 servings, the Body Fortress 100% Pure Powder is free from preservatives, artificial colors, sugar and sodium. Ideal for both pre-and post-workout, this product is great value for money.

kaged muscle glutamine powder

This vegan formulation contains 5g of glutamine powder per serving. The 300g bottle supplement is free from impurities and micro toxins for a pure blend. Manufactured in the USA, the Kaged Muscle Powder is BSCG certified for a high-quality product that’s recommended by buyers.

raw barrels no bull glutamine

This supplement provides 60 servings of glutamine powder. The pure formulation is free from additives or fillers and is flavorless so you can add it to other products for your personalized beverage. This 300g product is lab tested, vegetarian and vegan friendly. With every purchase, you receive a free download digital guide on fitness. Furthermore, you have a lifetime guarantee. If you’re not happy with the supplement, you can ask for a full refund.

pure encapsulations glutamine capsules

This 100% pure free-form supplement contains 90 capsules for a one to three-month supply depending on dosage. Consume 1-3 tablets daily to aid good health and muscle recovery. The vegetarian capsules are also gluten free.

source naturals l-glutamine

The Source Naturals Powder contains 16 ounces of product. This supplement is free from artificial preservatives or colors and contains 226 servings of ½ teaspoon dosage.

​Best Glutamine Depending On Need

micro ingredients l-glutamine powder

This 1kg packet of pure glutamine powder is 100% vegan with no fillers or additives. Ideal for those suffering from a leaky gut, this powder supplement is quicker to absorb and easier on the stomach. As well as being good value for money, this product has a one year guarantee so you can be assured of customer satisfaction.

Best For Women

Fitmiss Powder

fitmiss glutamine powder

The Fitmiss Powder is devised for women. This supplement contains 5.29 ounce of product with 5g of glutamine per serving. With 30 servings, this product is unflavored so you can mix it with other products. Great value for money and the formulation means this supplement is the best on our list for women.

Best For Body Building

BPI Sports 

bpi sports glutamine

The BPI Sports aids post-workout recovery and is essential for preventing muscle breakdown, aidingrecovery time during workouts and restoring energy levels.

This supplement contains 100% pure glutamine with 1000mg per capsule. Each container features 120 servings and is ideal for those who want a convenient way of consuming supplements.

Features Any Supplement Must Have

There are several factors you might want to contemplate when buying. Here are some aspects to look out for.

  • Size – How many tablets or how much powder are you receiving?
  • Type - Is the supplement in powder or tablet form?
  • Formulation - Is it made from pure glutamine or does it have additional ingredients.  If it has additional ingredients are these something you need.
  • Price - Is price important to you and if so are you getting value for the size of the product? Are their cheaper alternatives that give you the same thing?
  • Vegan - If you are vegan, you probably know this already but do check labels to make sure it is vegan.

Choosing a glutamine supplement can be overwhelming. However, reading buyer reviews will help you to establish which supplement is best for you and your requirements. Make sure you consider your budget and product formulation when selecting the best glutamine supplement.

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