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This guide is going to help you find the best fat burner. I’ll run through the different types of fat burner available, then we’ll look at the best fat burner brands, find out what the top 5 fat burners are and what other fat burners are available, and then we’ll round it all off with a buying guide for finding the best fat burner on the market. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a great idea about what the best fat burner is for you. Then you’ll be able to start melting away the fat and revealing that chiseled and toned body. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Fat Burners Table​

The Different Type Of Fat Burners​

best fat burner red burner

Fat burners are supplements that are designed to, as the name suggests, burn fat more easily. They do this by increasing your metabolism, which helps your body to burn more calories ina rested state.

In the past, fat burners used to contain ephedra but this caused a lot of controversy due to health issues so that ingredient is now banned by the FDA. Today, fat burners contain a multitude of different fat burning ingredients. These range from caffeine, green tea, carnitine, chromium, forskolin, and capsaicin.

Fat burners with a caffeine and l-theanine combo are typically the most popular. L-theanine, the stuff you find in green tea, is a natural fat burner and helps to balance out any jitters one might feel from the caffeine. This combination is effective for aiding a fat loss diet because it boosts metabolism, curbs cravings, and gives you energy to do more exercise.

Many fat burners also include B vitamins and niacin to supply you with more energy but these ingredients are typically utilized in conjunction with caffeine and l-theanine.

There are many top rated fat burners that use different stimulants instead of caffeine. While caffeine is the most popular, you can find that many of the top selling fat burners use stimulants like guarana and yohimbe.

If you are on a low-carb or ketosis diet, many of the top fat burning supplements contain ketones. This is typically in addition to green tea extract and whatever other ingredients the company deems beneficial for fat loss.

What type of fat burner you choose depends entirely on your goals, current needs, and dietary requirements. Personally, I believe that you should choose the fat burner with the fewest and most selective ingredients.

Top Fat Burner Brands

red supplements brand

Red Supplements

For me, Red Supplements has the best fat burner on the market. The company only has one fat burner, RED Burner, and they also have a choice selection of other top quality supplements like delicious protein powders, testosterone boosters, and coffee. All of their supplements use only the best ingredients and no fillers.

Muscle Tech

Muscle Tech has loads of top quality fitness supplements from protein powders and weight gainers to BCAAs and pre-workouts. Just as you would expect from a globally respected and established supplement company like Muscle Tech, their fat burner is top notch. Muscle Tech’s fat burner is called Hydroxycut Hardcore and it packs a powerful punch.

evlution nutrition

Evlution Nutrition

Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizer is Evlution Nutrition’s fat burner and it’s one of the top rated fat burners for a reason. Just like all of this company’s products – from their BCAA supplements to their protein shakes – their fat burner really delivers.

Top 5 Fat Burners

I’ve tried a lot of fat burners over the years. Many of them were mediocre. Some of them were extremely poor quality and resulted in nasty side effects like anxiety, jitters, irritability, and energy crashes. A few, however, were very high quality. These top 5 fat burners are the best fat burning pills money can buy. Whenever someone asks me, ‘What is the best fat burner on the market?’ I always tell them these top five. These are my personal best-rated fat burners because they are super effective, safe, and side effects are low or non-existent. Let’s check out these fat burners’ reviews.

red burner red supplement fat burner

1. RED Burner by Red Supplements

This is by far the best fat burner on the market. RED Burner has a really high quality ingredient profile. It’s not stuffed with fillers, instead using only effective ingredients. RED Burner is a high-quality proprietary blend that makes you feel fantastic while dropping weight. The thing I love about this supplement, aside from being effective, is the fact that I don’t experience any side effects. No jitters, no energy crash, and no irritability.RED Burner is an absolute winner. If this is your first time buying a fat burner, I implore you to try RED Burner.

RED Burner contains:
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • B-phenylethylamine
  • ​Green Tea Extract
  • Dendrobium
  • 3,5 Diiodo L-Thyronine

You can see that RED Burner uses the caffeine and green tea combination. Seriously, don’t underestimate how good this combo is. Before I tried my first fat burner, I experienced great fat loss success simply having a coffee and a green tea before working out. But this takes it to a whole new level of awesomeness.

You’ll also notice that RED Burner contains something called N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine.This is an amino acid that is a building block of protein. It promotes a positive mood too, which is a very underrated aspect of what makes the best fat burner. The simple fact is that we are much more likely to stick to our fat loss diet and exercise regime if we’re feeling happy and motivated. And RED Burner makes us feel exactly that.

You can buy the best fat burner on the market here:

evlution nutrtion trans4orm fat burner

2. Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizer

Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizer is another great fat burner that uses the caffeine and green tea combination, in addition to a few other quality ingredients, to boost your metabolism, improve your energy, and reduce your cravings.

Evlution Nutrition contains:
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Vitamin B6
  • Foilc Acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Black Pepper Extract
  • Rauwolfa Vomitoria Extract
  • Huperzia Serrate Extract
  • ​Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Alpha-Glycerolyphosphoryl Choline Powder
  • Theacrine

This fat burner has more ingredients than I typically like to see in a supplement but they are still all good and there are no fillers. The really great thing about this fat burner is the fact that it uses natural ingredients and you also know the exact amount of each ingredient you are getting. Proprietary blends can be difficult sometimes because you don’t know the exact amount but with Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizer, you know you’re getting 500mg of green tea leaf and 175mg of caffeine in each serving.

You can buy Evlution Nutrition Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizer here:

muscletech hydroxycut

3. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite by Muscle Tech

When people ask me (usually guys) for the best fat burning supplement, what they usually mean is they want to know the strongest fat burning supplement. Well, if that’s what you want to know, I recommend Hydroxycut Hardcore. It actually isn’t the strongest. You can definitely get stronger stuff but this is fat burner is super strong while still having low side effects. You have to be careful with this one because it has a high amount of stimulants.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite contains:
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (270mg)
  • Green Coffee Extract (200mg)
  • Coleus Extract (100mg)
  • L-Theanine (100mg)
  • Coca Extract (100mg)
  • Yohimbe Extract (56.3mg)

If the main thing you want from your fat burner is a ton of stimulation and few ingredients, you’ll love Hydroxycut. I would personally only use it sparingly because I hate to see my stimulant tolerance go crazy.

cellucor super hd weight loss supplement

I’ve always been a huge fan of Cellucor and I love their fat burner. This fat burner has more ingredients than I typically like to see in a product but I’m a huge fan of some of the ingredients and I know this fat burner is effective so it’s not the end of the world.

Cellucor Super HD Thermogenic Fat Burner contains:
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Yohimbe Extract
  • Amla Fruit Extract
  • Cayenne Fruit Extract
  • Evodia Fruit Extract
  • Dandelion Root Extract
  • Protein Hydrolysates
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Huperzine A
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract
  • Toothed Clubmoss

Cellucor has the standard and effective green tea, caffeine, and vitamin B12 combination. The inclusion ofN-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is also a great addition.Dandelion root extract is an interesting ingredient for a fat burner becauseit actually helps you shed water weight but I personally prefer to take this as a separate supplement.

I’m a big fan of rhodiola rosea. Again, I prefer to take this as a separate supplement but its inclusion in this fat burner is certainly not unwelcome. It’s a great ingredient that is sure to give you a huge positive boost so you can continue to commit to your fat loss regime. Huperzine A is also a nifty ingredient because it helps to improve your focus. If you’re going low-calorie and you still need to get a lot of work done, Cellucor’s fat burner is a winner.

You can buy Cellcuor Super HD Thermogenic Fat Burner here: 

naturewise green coffee bean extract

Green coffee bean extract is great for those of you who want stimulation without too many ingredients (like me). NatureWise is one of my favorite companies and I always suggest you check out their version of things when you need a product. Their green coffee bean extract will make dieting and exercising a breeze.

Pros of NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract

  • You only have one ingredient so you will know exactly what the problem is if it doesn’t work.
  • It does actuallywork. Check out the reviews. Tons of happy athletes have used this supplement to blast their fat away.
  • I think this is a bargain.

Cons of NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract

It might not be as effective as some of the more powerful fat burners that are stuffed with tons of ingredients. But sometimes we don’t want ultimate power. We just need a safe and effective extra boost.

You can buy NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract here: 

5 More of The Best Fat Burners

You’ve just learned about the top 5 fat burners. Those are the ones that will give you the most bang for your buck. They’ve got the best ingredients, are the safest, and the most effective. But if you still need some more ideas about the best fat burners on the market, here are my next 5 recommendations:

sheer thermo

6. SHEER THERMO by Sheer Strength

Sheer Thermo includes 7 scientifically-proven fat burning ingredients to help your body have the best chance of getting rid of stubborn fat.

vintage build 3 in 1 muscle builder

7. Vintage Burn

Made with premium ingredients including cambogia garcinia, green tea extract and raspberry ketones. A best seller product that has many happy users.

liporx fat burner

8. Lipo Rx

A good craving curber that does give an additional energy boost. Not as intense as other fat burners.​

metabolic plus for fat burning

9. Metabolic Plus

A great supplement that gives a good energy boost as well as suppressing the appetite.  No nasty ingredients either and it only has 9 in total.​

musclepharm shred matrix

10. Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix

A great appetite suppressor with no jittery side effects.

Fat Burner Buying Guide

best fat burners guide

It can be difficult to know where to start when buying a fat burner. Just like any supplement, the best fat burner for you might different from the best fat burner for me. Which one you choose is dependent on your unique goals and needs. When buying a fat burner, make sure to keep the following things in mind:


When you look at the best fat burner reviews, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common: reviews comment upon the fat burner’s safety. Safety generally means no crazy side effects, no harsh ingredients, and safe amounts of stimulants. However, what’s safe for you might be different for someone else. A fat burner with 300mg of caffeine per serving might be fine for you if you drink a lot of coffee or are used to pre-workouts. But someone who gets jitters after one espresso should not take that fat burner.


After safety, you’ll notice that the best-rated fat burners are effective. Safety first, effectiveness second. Effective means that they help you lose fat. The best fat burner pills do this through a combination of enhancing stimulation, positive mood, and metabolism.


Price is often a factor when buying any supplement. Luckily, the best fat burners in my opinion aren’t crazily expensive. Remember the old adage: you get what you pay for. I wouldn’t try and cut corners when buying a supplement like this because when you pay less you often get poor quality ingredients and a less-than-effective product.


I hope this guide has helped inform you about what is the best fat burning supplement. Remember to keep in mind that safety is the most important factor to look for when buying a fat burner. After you’ve found a safe product, you want to find a product that is the most effective without having too many crazy ingredients. If you take my recommendations of the top 5 fat burners you’ll be sure to find the best fat burner for you.

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