5 of The Best Diabetes Apps

best diabetes app

Diabetes is a complicated condition, requiring constant monitoring and maintenance. The rise of the information age and smartphone generation has thankfully eased some of the pressure on people living with the condition, making it increasingly simple to make sense of the great many numbers that define the typical day of a Diabetic. A simple search for a Diabetes app can be overwhelming though, thanks to the sheer number of options available at the tap of a finger. Below we’ll take a look at five up of the finest smartphone and tablet diabete apps that will help keep your day-to-day routine free of anxiety and worry.


Diabetes Publications

diabetes uk app

Available as a free download for iOS and Android, the official app of leading charity Diabetes UK (listed as Diabetes Publications in app stores) is a veritable fountain of knowledge. Upon installation a substantial library of online magazines available for download will greet you, including past and present issues of bi-monthly publication Diabetes Balance, and numerous one-off specials packed with advice such as Get Active, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes and Travelling, The Parent’s Guide to Diabetes, and numerous issues of the children’s magazine My Life. A subscription will be required to access all of these additional publications, but with such a wealth of information available at the flick of your fingertips it is well worth investigating. Just be aware that Diabetes Publications is for information only, and does not provide any interactive features.


mysugr app

The MySugr app is a comprehensive calculator that makes life immeasurably easier for the busy Diabetic attempting to keep tabs on their blood sugar. Following an all-inclusive sign-up process that tailors the app to your needs based on your diagnosis and treatments, MySugr will allow you to enter information based on your consumption throughout the day using easily identifiable labels, and track your intake and blood sugar levels throughout the day. As one of the user-friendliest apps on the market, MySugr is perfect for a technophobic or newly diagnosed Diabetic, while the inclusion of a cutesy Sugar Monster character will also make it appealing for children who may otherwise find the process of tracking their progress daunting. You get it for Apple here and Android here.

Glucose Buddy

glucose buddy

The brainchild of Azumio, the app specialists that also create sleep trackers, heart rate trackers and various other health apps, Glucose Buddy is the app for you if you prefer to digest your information visually. A simple and accurate way of recording your food and beverage consumption and the glucose count contained within, Glucose Buddy will take this information and create a simple bar graph that will warn you if you are approaching a high or heading dangerously close to crashing towards a low, all via fast and simple logging of your food and drink consumption throughout the day. With the information provided tailored to your personal requirements based on your height, weight and treatments, Glucose Buddy is one of the best-reviewed applications on the market by everyday consumers. Get it from Apple here and Android here.


gluci-check app

Gluci-Chek, manufactured by pharmaceutical giants Roche, is the only app on this list that is officially FDA-approved, which has to count for something. This app, while also logging and charting your blood sugar and glucose levels, breaks down the nutritional value and potential impact of any dish via a simple search engine, alongside advice on how best to maximise your choice. Punching in a request for information on ravioli, for example, lists a breakdown of the calorific and nutritional content contained within, as well as offering advice that such a starchy selection should be accompanied by a green salad for balance and that fat content should be carefully researched before purchasing. Trips to the supermarket will be made considerably easier for a Diabetic using Gluci-Chek. Get it here on Apple and here on Android.

My Fitness Pal


Of course, as important as food monitoring is, a large part of controlling Diabetes is weight management and fitness. There is an absolute raft of fitness monitoring apps on the market now (sorry FitBit, you had your moment in the sun), but My Fitness Pal is one of the highest-regarded. Created by Under Armour, My Fitness Pal allows you to set goals for exercise, track the calories of the food that you have consumed, connect with other users of support and spotting, all while viewing these statistics in the form of simple, aesthetically-pleasing graphs.Extremely simple to use, and hugely motivational (especially when linked to social media, allowing you the opportunity to humble-brag about your fitness achievements), My Fitness Pal is highly recommended by anybody – Diabetic or no. Get it on Android or Apple.

These are just some of the best Diabetes apps available at the moment, with many others available – and undoubtedly more to follow. With over 4 million individuals in the UK alone living full lives with the condition, this rise of information will surely help make Diabetes easier to manage for this ever-increasing number.

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