Best Curcumin Supplements Reviewed

best curcumin supplements

​This article takes a look at the best curcumin supplements on the market.

Sourced from plants and often associated with the popular spices ginger and turmeric thanks to its yellow coloring, curcumin is not organically generated by the human body, it is what it is – a glorious spice, that does make up to 6% of the ground turmeric that can be purchased from a supermarket or a specialist shop.

As well as being a great flavoring for curries and other spicy foods, it does provide a whole range of health benefits when consumed as a supplement.

Best Curcumin Supplements Comparison Table

Schwarz BioResearch
schwarz bioresearch turmeric curcumin with bioperine

Turmeric (Curcuma Longa Root) 1350mg,

Turmeric Extract (95% standardized Curcuminoids) 150mg,

Bioperine (Black Pepper) 10mg

Life Extensions Super Bio-Curcumin
life extensions super bio curcumin

400 mg BCM-95 and Bio-Curcumin turmeric 25:1 extract

Doctor's Best High Absorption
doctors best high absorbency curcumin supplement

1000mg turmeric root (curcumin C3 complex)

6 mg black pepper fruit extract (BioPerine)

Nutricost Turmeric
nutricost turmuric curcumin supplement

500mg turmeric concentrate

25mg Bioperine

aSquared Turmeric
asquared pure turmeric curcumin supplement

Turmeric  1200 mg, 

95% Curcuminoids 100 mg,

BioPerineTM (Black Pepper Extract) 5 mg

What Are The Benefits Of Curcumin?

Curcumin's primary health benefits stem from its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Inflammation fights off foreign invaders to the body which is effective in the short-term, but when the condition becomes chronic it turns it's attentions to the healthy cells within our own bodies, potentially leading to all kinds of unpleasant diseases - including, but not limited to, heart disease and cancer.

Fortunately, a quality curcumin supplement can be every bit as potent in the battle against inflammation as a medically prescribed prescription1, making it a fantastic remedy for musculoskeletal conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis2.

​Anti-Oxidant Properties

The antioxidant qualities of curcumin help to maintain the body's natural enzyme balance, fending off issues with the organs later in life; it's particularly effective in preventing renal failure from the kidneys3 and heart disease4, as well as acting as the most powerful natural weapon in the ongoing war against cancer by killing off the tumorous cells5.

As if this wasn't enough, curcumin is also a source of neurological health. Modern medicine is yet to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, but curcumin can take steps to prevent this debilitating condition from taking hold in the first place6, as well as rivaling Prozac as a remedy for depression7.

​Medicinal Purposes

Curcumin has also been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years in India and the Far East, and is a large part of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic principles for treating many illnesses, including liver, stomach and digestive problems, healing wounds and skin infections, and it is even reported to be beneficial to treating the eyes and vision problems.  

The list of purported illnesses and conditions that curcumin in one form or another can treat, is virtually endless.

These ancient methods of medicine and treatment are becoming more and more popular and serious attention is being paid to them by our own traditional medical professionals.


Finally, it has amazing anti-aging properties, which is why it is used in so many cosmetic products today8. It naturally plumps up the skin and removes wrinkles and dark circles from the eyes, making it a popular ingredient for anti-aging products.

Who Should Take Curcumin Supplements?

With a laundry list of benefits like that above, everybody! The only question is how much, and how – curcumin is not absorbed brilliantly by oral consumption, and is best paired with fatty foods such as fish.

Black pepper, coconut oil, olive oil and salad dressing are also ways of maximizing the impact of curcumin, so liberally apply these to your lunchtime salad and enjoy all the benefits of this wondrous plant.

Curcumin as a taste is not necessarily pleasant, so is best used together with food or as a dressing, coating or other methods of preparing a meal.


If you are living with any variation of rheumatoid arthritis then try 400-500mg of curcumin daily until you notice any discernable difference, while 80mg daily may be enough for anybody taking precautions against Alzheimer’s disease.


Anybody living with cancer would be placed on a regimen of steadily increasing amounts, starting at a gram and steadily doubling weekly until you reach a capacity of 8g.

​Reduce Symptoms Of Chronic Disease

In a number of scientific surveys over the years, curcumin has also been identified in its ability to control or reduce symptoms of other chronic diseases such as heart problems, by clearing and strengthening the function of the endothelium (lining of the blood vessels), which can lead to less risk of heart attacks, strokes and also reducing hypertension (high blood pressure).

It is also thought to have a stimulating effect on the brain, and improving clarity and thought process.

Studies continue regularly as we all know. Focus is currently upon eye conditions and skin pigmentation.

​Tread Carefully

However, like all supplements, you should tread carefully if you have other medical concerns.

If you have a pre-existing heart condition (or any family history of such issues) that involves blood-thinning medication, live with diabetes or are pregnant or breast-feeding, then consult a doctor or other healthcare professional before making any changes or additions to your supplement schedule.

Are Supplements the Only Answer?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is also no, but they are by far and away the most potent and effective way of gaining the benefits of curcumin, rather than dilution if you use turmeric as a substitute.

Turmeric is good, but by no means as powerful as curcumin.

As previously established, you’ll find diluted levels of this plant in the popular spices turmeric and ginger.

Curry powder is the most populous example, perfect for being sprinkled over poultry or a salad, but be aware that turmeric only contains traces of the plant (roughly 2-5%) and is no substitute for pure curcumin, especially as the human digestive system does not retain the plant for long, and it rarely makes its way into the bloodstream.

Around a teaspoon and a half of turmeric per day is about the maximum recommended dosage – any more than this leaves you at risk of an upset stomach, among other side effects that you’ll find listed below.

To re-iterate though, you’ll enjoy far greater success by utilizing a circumin supplement.

Side Effects of Curcumin

In addition to the risk of nausea and/or diarrhoea, excessive doses of curcumin have been known to result in increased bleeding during menstrual cycles, low blood pressure and increased liver function tests.

The benefits of the ingredient are huge, but the risks associated with overdosing are just as potent, so if in any doubt as to how much you should be consuming, speak with a healthcare professional.

You must be vigilant when taking any supplement, as there are reports on new side effects occurring – but frequently, these do depend on whether a recipient had an existing life-threatening illness, or is taking other drugs or supplements, as they may not agree with each other.

Buyers Guide

Like most supplements, sources of curcumin come in a number of shapes, sizes and forms. Capsules and pure powder are arguably the most effective methods of gaining the benefits of this wonderplant.

Obviously the higher the level of curcumin contained within the better, so always aim for at least 90% - and if the supplement also contains black pepper (aka piperine) you’ll gain even more from the ingestion.

Here are ten of the most reputable supplements that you’ll be able to pick up online today.

Best Curcumin Supplements Reviewed

1. Schwarz BioResearch Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine

schwarz bioresearch turmeric curcumin with bioperine

Schwarz Bioresearch is one of the best curcumin supplements available. It is FDA approved and made inte the USA.


Based pm serving size of 3 capsules:​

  • Turmeric (Curcuma Longa Root) 1350mg
  • Turmeric Extract (95% standardized Curcuminoids) 150mg
  • Bioperine (Black Pepper) 10mg

It contains the typically 95% standardized curcumin amount which has the most powerful antioxidant properties to maximize results.

It also contains 10mg of Biioperine per serving. Biperine is made from black pepper extract. As we mention in our guide, black pepper is one of a few additional ingredients that can help maximize the absorbency and effect of curcumin.

According to Schwarz Bioresearch, Biperine can enhance bio-availability and absorption by 2000%.


  • 95% Standardized Curcumin
  • Contains Bioperine (black pepper extract) that enhances absorbency and bio-availability.
  • No fillers of bonders
  • Allergen & Gluten free
  • Vegan & Vegetarian

Bottom Line: This product has it all. It has the right amount of curcumin, Bioperine to enhance its absorbency and thus effectiveness and also has no binders or fillers to worry about. It's also FD approved and USA made.

2. Life Extensions Super Bio-Curcumin®

life extensions super bio curcumin

Life Extension is another company that has a great reputation and has been around for many many years.


  • 400 mg BCM-95 and Bio-Curcumin turmeric 25:1 extract

Life Extension’s Curcumin is a vegetarian capsule that uses a curcumin called BCM-95® as well as Bio-Curcumin. They use a ratio of 25:1..

They claim that their product has 7 times greater absorbency than other types including the standard 95%. It is formulated using essential oil extracts of curcumin that contains 95% curcuminoids which is why it is so effective.

It should be noted though that although it has been shown that their formulation is great compared to standatd 95% curcumin, it hasn’t actually been compared to products that contain Bioperine or other ingredients that increase absorbency – so it doesn’t necessarily mean it is better than those types.


  • 95% curcuminoids
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.


  • Expensive

Bottom line: A great supplement from a reliable company. It provides high absorbency and bio-availability which is always a great sign.

3. Doctor’s Best High Absorption Curcumin

doctors best high absorbency curcumin supplement

Doctor’s Best is a company that is well respected and has been around for a long time.

You will usually find their products in the list of best sellers due to their great reputation and quality products.

Their manufacturing facilities are GMP certified, and they are committed to label transparency.


  • 1000 mg turmeric root (curcumin C3 complex)
  • 6mg Bipperine (Black Pepper Extract)

Their High Absorption Curcumin offers 95% curcuminoids. Each capsule gives you a 500mg dosage and recommended serving size is 2 pills.

The Pill also includes black pepper fruit extract branded as Bioperine. As stated within this article, black pepper is great combined with curcumin as it helps maximize its effects.

The only downside compared to other Brands is that this works out a little more expensive. However if you prefer to stick to a Brand you can trust you won’t be disappointed. If you want to try something more cost efficient then another Brand maybe a better option.


  • 95% curcuminoids
  • Includes Bioperine (black pepper extract) which helps maximize curcumin's effects.
  • Higher bio-availability


  • More expensive than other Brands.

Bottom line: Doctor's Best is another great choice.  It has improved bio-availiability and is manufactured by a reliable and trustworthy company.

4. Nutricost Turmeric Curcumin

nutricost turmuric curcumin supplement

Nutricost is a company with a great reputation for quality as well as affordability.

They are certainly hard to beat with this combination.


  • 500mg active turmeric ​concentrate
  • 25mg Bioperine

Their Turmeric Curcumin supplement contains 95% curcuminoids with 500mg per serving of active curcumin.

They also include Biperine – which is an extract derived from black pepper and known to improve absorbency and biolavailability. As mentioned above black pepper works well with curcumin to maximize its effects. It is probably best to opt for a supplement which contains this if you want to improve your chances of positive effects.


  • 95% curcuminoids
  • Includes Bioperine (black pepper extract) which helps maximize curcumin's effects.
  • High bio-availability

Bottom Line: Nutricost is an affordable and clear cut option for those on a budget. It not only includes the standard 95% curcuminoids but also an enhancer too.

5. aSquared Pure Turmeric Curcumin

​aSquared has a great range of supplements and this one is no exception. It contains 1200mg of Turmeric and has 95% curcuminoids - the standard amount.


  • Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) 1200 mg
  • BioPerineTM (Black Pepper Extract) 5 mg

aSquared also contains Bioperine too which is always great to improve the results you get from the curcumin. The capsule is also vegetarian friendly.


  • 95% curcuminoids
  • Includes Bioperine
  • Vegetarian friendly

Bottom line: Although it is lacking an enhancer, this is still a great product from a reputable company. It is also vegetarian friendly too.

6. Jarrow Formulas' Curcumin 95

jarrows formula curcumin 95

Jarrow is another established company that has been around for years. This product is another great value item from them.


  • 500 mg turmeric concentrate (curcumin C3 complex)

Jarrow Formulas’ Curcumin 95 contains 95% curcuminoids (as the name suggestes). It comes from concentrated curcumin (C3 complex) and is made using a veggie capsule.


  • 95% curcuminoids
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for vegetarians


  • Doesn’t contain any absorbency enhancers

Bottom line: Although it is lacking an enhancer, this is still a great product from a reputable company. It is also vegetarian friendly too.

Select any of the above and add them to your daily routine and you will enjoy increased wellbeing before you know it.

Curcumin may not be an organic element of the human body, but to ignore the opportunity to add it to your diet is tantamount to negligence.

Prevention is always better than cure, so start taking it today and you have a great chance of saving yourself all kinds of discomfort later in life.

Something To Think About...​

Something to think about; it has been reported over the last couple of years that Biocurcumin is a higher quality and more bioavailable form of curcumin, so when looking at supplements, products labeled as biocurcumin are preferred over curcumin itself.

To be clear, biocurcumin is not a brand name, it is a type of curcumin produced by various manufacturers. This may or may not be true, but worth mentioning when you are going to read a label.










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