Benefits of Marine Collagen

Looking for a source of collagen to up your levels?  Marine collagen is definitely one of the best ways to add collagen into your diet.

There are few proteins as essential to our health as collagen and as we age we produce less and less of this essential component.

Although lifestyle changes can help slow down the rate in which we stop producing collagen, there is no better way than to add it into our diet to compensate the decline.

Marine (or Fish) collagen offers a potent way to add in that lost collagen.  Marine collagen also has many health benefits too that may help you make the decision to add this awesome supplement into your diet.

Here we take a look at those benefits and what you can get from adding this little wonder into your daily routine.

What is Marine Collagen

Marine collagen is collagen that comes from marine life.  It is also called fish collagen and generally fish is the most popular source of this type of collagen.  The collagen is usually taken from the skin, bones, scales and fins of fresh saltwater fish.  Some marine collagen supplements can also include collagen sourced from shellfish and jellyfish too.

Marine collagen also closely resembles human collagen, much more so than animal collagen.  It is abundant in Type 1 collagen which is the most effective and most absorbable form of collagen.

Marine collagen has smaller particles than animal collagens do, which is why it is more easily absorbed.  It is also more bio-available.

Bioavailability is important because it means that you are able to ingest and absorb that particular nutrient efficiently and effectively.

So now you have an idea of what it is let's take a look at the many benefits it can offer you.

Benefits of Marine Collagen

Anti Ageing

After 21 years of age our body starts to produce less and less collagen which is why we get wrinkly skin as we age.  Type 1 collagen makes up 80% of the collagen in our bodies and thus supplementing with marine collagen, which is abundant in Type 1 collagen, can help prevent and improve the signs of skin aging.

Possible benefits include smoother and softer skin and skin that has better moisture retention.

Research has shown that collagen peptides are an important weapon in fighting against the visible signs of aging (1).

Trials have also shown that patients who supplement with marine collagen have a decrease in wrinkles and improved skin firmness and moisture (2).

Marine collagen also has high levels of glycine which helps form glutathione.  Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps prevent cellular damage. One study found that although glutathione deficiency occurs in the elderly because of reduction in synthesis, supplementing with its precursors glycine (and cysteine) can help restore glutathione synthesis and thus increase levels of oxidative stress and oxidant damage that leads to aging (3).

May Help Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Marine collagen has higher glycine levels than any other type of collagen.  Research has found a connection between low levels of glycine and impaired glucose intolerance.  This suggests that glycine plays an important role in preventing insulin resistance and thus diabetes. 

One study found that patients with Type 2 diabetes had consistently low levels of glycine.  Therefore supplementation with a supplement like marine collagen which is high in glycine may be beneficial.

Some research has also been done on blood sugar levels and marine collagen supplementation. One study was done on rats who had Type 2 diabetes.  They found that insulin resistance and glucose metabolism were improved when supplemented with marine collagen. 

It was suggested that this could be down to marine collagen peptides ability to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation (4).

Another study was done on Chinese patients with Type 2 diabetes. A total of 100 diabetic patients and 50 healthy controls were recruited.  The treatment group were given 13g of  marine collagen peptides daily for 3 months. 

Those who were consuming marine collagen peptides daily had significiantly reduced levels of fasting blood glucoose and fasting blood insulin.  They also had increased levels of insulin sensitivity (5).

Helps Wounds Heal

Collagen plays a critical role in all aspects of wound healing.  Collagen is commonly used for wound dressing material as a result.

There have been several studies done on the effectiveness of marine collagen on wound healing.  One study showed that fish-scaled derived collagen was effective for wound healing.  They found that not only did collagen promote wound healing, it also could potentially be a carrier of drugs that can enhance wound healing.  In particular fish-derived collagen has the most promising potential for this type of application (6).

Anti-inflammatory  & Helps Joint Pain

In the same vein as MCPs being able to  help all parts of wound healing, they can also help reduce inflammation.  This is because bioactive peptides within the collagen can decrease the presence of reactive oxygen species throughout the body (7).

These reactive oxygen species are what cause the inflammatory response in the body (as well as cause tissues to age and give you a higher risk of cancer).

Studies have also shown that can help joints move more easily and reduces joint pain as a result (8).

Antioxidants in the collagen can also help to boost the immune system.

Bone Strength, Healing & Regeneration

Bone loss is unfortunately a typical sign of aging and can lead to osteoporosis.  Making sure we have enough phosphorous and calcium is essential for maintaining the strength of our bones, along with exercise.  Some people have problems absorbing these nutrients properly.

Studies have shown that marine collagen peptides (MCPs) can help the absorption of these nutrients that are essential for bone health (9).

Another study has shown that MCPs also have a positive effect on collagen synthesis and collagen quality  (10).

Has Antibacterial Effects

Another impressive component of marine collagen is colagencin.  This is an antibacterial peptide that is found in fish collagen.  Collagencin has been found to inhibit the growth of infection.  In one study it was found to inhibit the frwoth of Staphylococuos Locus, which is more commonly known as a staph infection (11).  Staph infection is a highly contagious and serious infection and Researchers concluded that MCPs appear to be a promising source of antimicrobial peptides.

Lowers Cholesterol levels

Marine collagen supplementation has been shown to lower LDL levels (which are the bad cholesterol) and increase HDL, the good cholesterol.  This improves heart health and may have a role in preventing atheorgenesis (12).

Superior Source of Protein

Marine collagen is a pure protein source consisting of over 97% protein.  It contains no fats, sugar or carbs which makes it one of the best sources of protein you can get.  Increasing your protein intake can help you manage your weight by helping to suppress and delay hunger.  It can also have a beneficial effect on workout performance and recovery.


Marine collagen has superior absorption and bioavailability over other types of collagen supplements.  It is 1 and a half times more absorbant.  It has smaller particle size and the lowest molecular weight among all types which means it can pass through the intestinal wall with relative ease to provide you with better nourishment and healing. 

It is also rich in glycine and proline and is a superior source of protein with no carbs. fats or sugars.

As a result it has provides many health benefits to the body including better skin condition, it anti-wrinkle and anti aging.  It also helps balance blood sugar levels, supports wound healing, prevents inflammation and provides strong healthy bone support.

Marine collagen supplements are a wonderful source of protein and nutrients that your body will love you for as you age.

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