7 Benefits Of Hot Showers

hot shower benefits

Hot showers have surprising benefits for your health. Whether you’re looking to ease anxious thoughts or get a better night’s sleep, taking regular hot showers are a practical and easy way to boost your well-being.

The Benefits Of Hot Showers

Immersing yourself in a hot shower regularly offers a range of health benefits.

Ease Anxiety

Studies have shown that hot showers can increase levels of oxytocin – a hormone often dubbed the ‘love’ hormone that helps to ease stress and anxiety.

Promote Sleep

Taking a hot shower – between 96 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit can help to promote sleep as it’s a natural sedative. The next time you feel stressed in the evening, try taking a hot shower and adding a few drops of lavender – it will help to calm your mind and body.

Relieve A Cough

If you have a bad cough, taking a hot shower may help to eliminate mucus and loosen phlegm. Adding a little eucalyptus oil to your shower can help you to breathe easier so if you have a cough or cold and are suffering from related aches, a hot shower may be the remedy your body needs.

Cleanse Your Skin

A hot shower opens your pores, helping to release impurities that may be clogging your skin. Once you’ve cleansed with hot water, follow with a few splashes of cold water to the face to tighten your pores.

Relieve Sore Joints

If you suffer from sore joints, taking a hot shower can help to soothe your body, relieving pain. It’s not a cure, but it can improve circulation to ease inflammation. A hot shower can also help to relieve menstruation cramps and itchiness.

Eliminate Toxins

A hot shower helps to kill bacteria as well as making you sweat to eliminate toxins. If you want to detox, take a hot shower regularly.

Healing Wounds Faster

Hot showers can aid quicker wound healing. This is because hot water boosts blood circulation to aid the healing process. A hot shower isn’t appropriate for large or intense wounds, but smaller incisions can definitely benefit from exposure to hot water.

Cold Water Versus Hot Showers

While hot water provides a range of health benefits, it can be drying to the skin and hair if you spend too long immersed in it. The thought of a chilly shower may not excite you, but which one is better?

Cold Showers also have their pros and cons. Like hot water, cold showers can help to ease inflammation. Many athletes suffer from muscle tears and inflammation after intense exercise but being exposed to cold water constricts blood vessels to reduce muscle swelling. Several studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of cold water for athletes due to its ability to relieve sore muscles days after exercise.

Furthermore, cold water immersion offers advantages for improving alertness, especially first thing in the morning, and for alleviating symptoms of depression. Cold water also helps to improve blood flow and the lymphatic system.

If you’re wondering what temperature is best for your shower, both cold and hot showers offer differing benefits. Depending on your health requirements and where you live – let’s face it, you might not be interested in taking a cold shower if you live in a cold climate, whether you prefer cold or hot showers can be an interesting debate. However, taking both cold and hot showers may be the solution to your needs.

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