Fermented Cod Liver Oil Scandal – Did FCLO kill these 2 Gurus?

The heathcare industry has never been a stranger to scandal. Ever since the infamous thalidomide incidents of the late 1950s and early 1960s1, giant pharmaceutical corporations have suffered at the hands of legal complications; sanofi-aventis saw Acomplia (aka Rimonabant), billed as a wonder drug that could ‘cure’ obesity, pulled from sale thanks to side effects of … Read more

Best Pre Workout Ingredients 2017

best pre workout ingredients

​This is a Guest post from Daniel Joseph of www.cognitune.com If you want to increase your gains and enhance your physical performance, a pre-workout supplement is a step in the right direction.  When combined with a good training schedule and proper diet, these supplements can improve your training experience by a significant margin.  More energy and … Read more

Can “Tapping” Help Your Food Cravings?

can tapping help food cravings

You can take accept or dispense with this treatment and decide whether you want to try it or not.  Put it this way – it’s not painful, involves no drugs, and is purely about changing certain aspects of your life.  It was first mentioned by Albert Einstein, but not many people listened to him – … Read more