Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

is coconut oil healthy

Coconut oil has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the healthier products on the market, packed with enough ‘good’ cholesterol to enchant anybody, a fine addition to any weight loss diet plan and the perfect addition to any Paleo-centric kitchen. Contrary opinions have occasionally been aired, however, and the American Heart Association have taken … Read more

Who is Wim Hof?

who is wim hof

When you think of the Netherlands, the chances are the first images that pop into your mind are those of windmills, poppy fields and wooden clogs – not sub-zero temperatures.  Sure, the Dutch climate is not a famed suntrap like Western European territories such as Italy or Spain, but neither is it comparable to Siberia. … Read more

How The Wim Hof Method Improves Your Immune System

wim hof and immune system

Anybody familiar with Wim Hof, the Dutch daredevil nicknamed The Iceman thanks to his ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures to world record levels, will know that his unique lifestyle is one that nobody should attempt to imitate directly.  However, Hof has trademarked the health benefits of his actions under the banner of The Wim Hof … Read more

How The Wim Hof Method Can Help Anxiety & Depression

how does the wim hof method help anxiety

The Wim Hof Technique, brainchild of the eponymous Iceman who has made a career as a health guru through his ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures, is largely commended for the physical benefits that it provides – most notably the ability to reduce body fat and improve the performance of the human immune system.  What does … Read more