The Dangers Of Over-Exercising

dangers of over exercising

Any doctor, lifestyle guru or dietician will tell you that exercise is a hugely important part of any healthy lifestyle. The question is, can we have too much of a good thing? When it comes to physical activity, the answer is a resounding yes; excessive exercise can have a hugely detrimental impact on the human … Read more

Do Body Wraps Work?

body wraps do they work

Life had never been a ‘quick fix’, and as soon as gullible individuals realize that there is no real safe and certain way of losing weight rapidly, the better the world will be. Check out what we think of body wraps right here.

Top 51 Diabetes Blogs For Lifestyle Tips 2017

best diabetes blog

If you’re looking for practical, insightful and up-to-date information on diabetes, then this list is exactly what you need. There’s a wealth of great quality blogs about diabetes online, but we have picked the top 51 to give you a great list of informative material.

Is Chocolate Healthy?

health benefits of chocolate

As people, we endure a complicated relationship with chocolate. Leaving aside the fact that it’s an undeniable treat for the tastebuds, a typical bar is also loaded with chemicals that flood our brains with feel-good chemicals. Claims that chocolate can actually be healthy are becoming increasingly commonplace. Is this actually true, or once again, are branding whizzes attempting to blind us into jeopardizing our health in the name of profit? Let’s take a look at the evidence.